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Kinnikuman: Japan’s Wrestling Alien Hero.

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Kinnikuman wasn’t a series that would show that anime could catch on like Dragon Ball.

Black Lightning Season 2 Premiere, Characters, Villains & New Details.

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In the first season, her sister Anissa was free to use her superpowers but Jennifer tried to stay away from the issues.

5 LGBT Anime That Everyone Needs to See.

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Love Stage doesn’t feature a heavily constructed story. It does offer an emotional ground to the characters, but the story looks complete even with humor playing a major role in the series.

Horror Anime 2018: Top 10 Anime to Get You in the Halloween Spirit.

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These are the five horror anime you can watch during the Halloween week, but if you’re looking for more, you can watch Tokyo Ghoul, Serial Experiments, Black Butler, Another, and Boogiepop Phantom for more spine-chilling stories.

Old School Review: Way of the Samurai.

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That aside, the actual combat is very solid, allowing for heated duels and intense melees.

Halo Infinite Gameplay: 10 Best Things We Want To See.

The game is still in development. All we have seen is an E3 demo and some pieces of information in 343 Industries’ blog posts.

Now Entering: Astro City.

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Meanwhile, Astro City starts with the Golden Age of Heroes as the important entry in its timeline while the series starts in the 1990s.

My Thoughts About Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is an amazing game that has very good graphics and several modes and interesting characters that make the game worth your time because once you play it, you’ll definitely like it.

My Thoughts About Crash Bandicoot N. Sane.

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane is definitely a game that’s worth your time playing because you are definitely gonna enjoy it and not be bored with this game like you would be if you’re playing some other games.

The 5 Best Spider-Man Shows.

Spider-Man 1994 was similar to X-Men: The Animated Series in that it followed the comics’ storylines closely and was drama first, action second.

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