Friday, April 12, 2024

About Us


This blog was created to unite BLERDS (Black Nerds) around the subject of Gaming, Comics/Manga and Anime. This is a safe space whereby black men and women can interact freely about something that was once an area of ridicule, and lack of acceptance, for Black. AfroGamers: Gaming and Comics 24/7 will allow us to explore comics/ manga and anime from our perspective. Though manga and anime have plenty of Asian influence here we can discuss the many different nuances from our perspective in a safe space. This blog makes the black position a priority which is greatly missing in this area. Feel free to tell about your favorite comics, what manga you are reading, and the Anime shows you love.

This site is also here to offer the latest in gaming news and software. AfroGamers will offer you different analysis on the latest games, and some of your favorites.  It will explore the differences, and updates in the latest gaming consoles. You will also be able to learn about different gaming tournaments, and aspects of being a professional gamer.  It will be a place whereby you can engage in conversation, and debate, with our writers about the ins and puts of your favorite games.

This will be a safe place for gamers to communicate whereby the black perspective is again, priority. This site was created for us, and the commentary will always remain centered on us. Feel free to be a proud Blerd on AfroGamers: Gaming and Comics 24/7 where the Black Gamers rule.

Game On!