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The Cruis’n Series Would be Out of Place Among Modern Racing Games.

With the kind of racers that are normally on Nintendo consoles, Cruis’n is pretty dated and in relation to racing games now, it holds it down enough in arcades or play places but it just didn’t get it done in the last two console ports. It just seems like Nintendo should handle the development for consoles but there’s often a quick turnaround between the arcade release and the console release—and Ninty takes its time with game development.

Shark Action RPG ‘Maneater’ is a Truly Unique Game.

My fascination with Maneater comes from putting to the theme with this game style and coming up with something that works and is playable—and I love stumbling across games like this.

Have you played Maneater? If so what were your impressions of the game? Also, what a game that you weren’t interested in at first that got your attention when you gave it a try? Let us know in the comments!

Cool Spot is a Truly Enjoyable Platforming Experience Then and Now.

Cool Spot is similar. The first stage is the beach where crabs and smaller creatures are your main enemies, debris, beach chairs, umbrellas, and sand castles are the natural obstacles you’ll have to navigate. There are hazards that wouldn’t be out of place at the beach as well.

Remembering Legend of the River King on Game Boy Color.

The PlayStation 2 entry was fine but I maintain that LRK2 on the Game Boy Color was the best in the franchise. If anything, I think a reboot going back to the GBC games would be great otherwise let it remain dormant. It’s just not worth it for a light fishing game with no conflict or leveling elements to me. If the combat is gone, perhaps it should be more of a fishing sim.

Honestly, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a Blueprint for Future Titles.

It’s for good reason because it’s a formula that sells. Unfortunately, Firaxis’ formula didn’t so it but I believe it would be great for a larger group like The Avengers or the X-Men. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be that much different from Marvel’s Midnight Suns: just larger names and more heroes to play with.

Stardew Valley is Probably One of a Few Games I Can’t Say Anything Bad About.

At the moment, ConcernedApe is working on Haunted Chocolatier which seems like it will be in a similar vein but centered around a confectionary shop. However, something on the side in Stardew Valley such as the fishing or mining are worthy of their own titles. Hell, the Harvest Moon series kind of spanned the Legend of River King series and fishing was never so adventurous.

A Week After Diablo IV Season 4: Loot Reborn – How is It?

If you’re a Diablo IV player, share your impressions on “Loot Reborn”! Is it too easy? Did Blizzard give us too much grease? Or are you enjoying the game more than you did before? Let us know in the comments!

Manhwa Corner: Apex Future Martial Arts.

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Despite that, they’re welcome tropes. The writer could’ve been adventurous and tried some completely out-there tropes and wasted a good series, so this is fine. The artwork is very good, again Solo Leveling and Volcanic Age are the two manhwa/manhua series where the artwork simply impresses me and Apex Future Martial Arts isn’t there but it’s still very good and gets better during fight scenes.

Pokemon Games Need an In-Game Day-Night System.

That’s not reality. You trample these trainers in record time. The solution is simple: have an in-game clock where the days change every hour or whatever but just have real time for promotions and events. I’d just like for these adventures in each Pokemon game to not feel like a brief career between when you get your first monster to when you defeat the Elite Four.

Manhwa Corner: An Introduction to Cultivation Manhwa.

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Now take those two and put them together and you have something that is both great and overdone. Martial arts isekai is a safe genre to run with for a creator. There’s another element of this combo that makes this my undisputed favorite genre of manhwa: cultivation.

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