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The Sad Case of Chrono Trigger.

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Even though fans of the game recognized that Chrono Cross was a great game, they were disappointed that it was not a direct continuation of Chrono Trigger.

Judge Dredd – The Neon Knights.

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“The Neon Knights” had the potential to be a landmark story in the Judge Dredd series.

Throwback Video Games: X-Men (Arcade Version).

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As with many beat-em-ups at the time, there are 8 stages to go through with Magneto being the toughest of all the boss characters that you face because he’s the final boss of the entire game and man I tell you, he will give you the most hell out of all the enemies that you face throughout the entire game.

Panels and Pixels: Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage.

This game takes the 1993 Spider-Man story arc “Maximum Carnage” and condenses it into an action packed title.

5 TV Series That Were Cut Down Early.

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Then in the early 2010s, it got a few TV series—two of the more eventful ones are on this list.

Say “Hello” to the Bad Guys in Super Street Fighter II.

Super Street Fighter II was a landmark in the Street Fighter franchise.

Let’s Roast Some Namco Arcade Classics.

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Bandai Namco’s Pac-Man is one of the legendary franchises in video game history.

The 2 Questionable Star Trek Captains.

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Oof. This guy and this show. Before piling on Enterprise, I will say that I like the “O.G Star Trek in 2001” approach to the show for the first two seasons—even though those were the two seasons that almost got the show cancelled early on.

5 Classic Action Games Worthy of the HD Remake Treatment.

The best thing about these HD remakes is that they take a game and make it a new, modern title in a new generation.

Standout Games from Sony’s “State of Play” September 2021.

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Recently, we got another “State of Play” for the PlayStation family of consoles.

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