Friday, October 19, 2018

The 5 Best Spider-Man Shows.

Spider-Man 1994 was similar to X-Men: The Animated Series in that it followed the comics’ storylines closely and was drama first, action second.

Retro Rewind: X-Men The Animated Series.

It’s been said before but of the Marvel series, X-Men is the most soap opera-ish of them all and the animated captures a good deal of that high drama and action.

Astro City: The Dark Age.

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In 1973, the younger Williams brother’s line of work threatened to bring him into the crosshairs of the Blue Knight, a police officer/vigilante.

Get Into American Vampire.

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They end up biting an outlaw by the name of Skinner Sweet, making him the first American vampire and causing the curse–or gift–of vampirism to evolve.

Now Entering Dakota: Blood Syndicate.

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The series ran for thirty-four issues but the characters have appeared throughout the Milestone titles.

Judge Dredd – Robot Wars.

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If you think The Robot Wars was madness, things intensify when Dredd has to leave the safety of Mega City-1 to save Mega City-2’s citizens!