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Even If It Isn’t Intentional Batman Kills.

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( There’s this saying the comic book fandom—mainly from Batman fans—that “Batman doesn’t kill.” I think it’s more accurate to say that “Batman doesn’t murder.”

Then again, he actively pursued in something illegal in the name of crime fighting. Stalking, vigilantism, terror, hostage taking, sabotage, disturbing the peace, the list goes on.

Sometimes, one has to take similar methods to deal with the opposition. As long as you state your cause as just, people will view it differently than criminals who do the same from profit, revenge, and mayhem.

Now, I don’t believe Batman sets out to kill or murder criminals but there is one main reason I believe he does kill.

Street Thugs Don’t Have Healthcare

For most of his publication history, Batman has been portrayed as vigilante superhero and the “World’s Greatest Detective”. Sherlock Who? He has all the forensic investigation tech and utility belt of goodies to solve whatever needs solving.

He could find Jimmy Hoffa if Hoffa was the head of Gotham’s Teamsters. He’s that damn good. Gotham is a crime riddled city that has a hard split between wealth and poverty. As is sometimes the case in real life, people turn to crime to make money and support themselves and their families.

These criminals join what are mostly disfigured or mentally afflicted crime bosses—and not a rogues’ gallery of supervillains—to do a bunch of RICO Act stuff. Oh, there’s some occasional terrorism and conspiracy thrown in as well. This is gloomy, bleak Gotham City after all.

Batman’s supervillains aren’t offering anyone healthcare, dental care, or mental health services, obviously. I mean, they’re not members of the Guild of Calamitous Intent from The Venture Bros.

As a result, if they unfortunately run into Bats, they’re getting their ass handed to them several ways from “Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.”


Batman Outclasses and Out-Arms Most Criminals Skill-wise

Now, I’m not one to say “Batman has an unfair advantage.” When you play any games, one of the things you might lapse into is building this powerful character with all the dopest weapons and the best skills for your play-style.

Then you might take that career to fight whatever boss is next while clapping mobs along the way. Just rampaging one-shots or really eating into the mobs with your upgraded attacks and gear.

Don’t say you’ve never done this before. That’s cap.

Then you have “The Caped Crusader” stalking poor hoodlums either doing an illegal gig or hitting a lick. He dives out of nowhere like Rey Mysterio and throws his entire body weight plus the weight of his gear onto a criminal below.

Hell, for good measure he might lump up the guy he just landed on. On one hand, it’s unnecessary but on the other hand, better safe than sorry. If anyone makes a move in that alleyway, he’s throwing batarangs at them.

Those batarangs are sharp and there’s been times he’s thrown it right into someone’s hand or wrist. Fortunately, no one bled to death—as far as we know.

Let’s Talk About Fighting The Big Bad Bat

How about the brave legal-impaired souls who foolishly decide to throw hands with Batman? Oh, he’s busting out ninjutsu, judo, karate, boxing—all of the fighting disciplines. He’s a hyper-trained crime-fighter who has to be in Olympic shape even if he gets older.

So, Bats will kick some in the gut with his full strength and send them spine-first into a brick ball or dumpster. When the animated series aired in the 90s, you’d often see criminal fall into a pile of crates, into some trashcans, or against a wall.

That’s only because WB knew Batman was murking people. There’s no way these mostly normal crims are taking those kinds of blows and no one dies of their wounds or on impact.

Think about as your garden variety purse thief or house invader running into someone as fast as Bruce Lee while catching a haymaker to the temple from Mike Tyson. Or getting thrown by 1988, 1992, and 1996 Olympic gold medal wrestler Aleksandr Karelin.

That’s a one-way trip to either the grave, traction, or an iron lung. However, the comics and cartoons show these guys standing, handcuffed, and thrown in the paddy wagon.

In reality, the Gotham City PD should have body bags in bulk when someone calls in “Uh, we’ve found batarangs at the scene” or “Yeah, we’ve got two tied up from that conveniently placed, very strong clothesline up there and this guy’s head went through this brick wall.”

Batman Kills

All of that is just to say that it’s kind of naive to think that Batman doesn’t kill. I do think he tries not to kill and that he restrains himself. However, this is a guy who should’ve retired from fighting organized crime and constantly released hardened criminals early in his career.

All of his time, effort, and wealth should’ve been—and a significant portion has been—directed to fighting the greater superhuman and supernatural threats to Earth. Even though he doesn’t have powers like other members of the Justice League, his power is his wealth.

When you think about it, he’s actually been doing the most the entire time by fighting threats well below his level. His only threats really come from maximum security-level rogues that had time to plot something that would test his mettle.

These little guys hitting licks just so happen to be the ones he’ll run into often on his night patrols.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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