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Here’s The Mt. Rushmore of Mecha Anime.

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Mecha are the anime, manga, and video games involving giant robots that can either be piloted from inside or controlled.

4 Classic Manga and TV Series In Need of A Reboot.

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This series will always be at the top of my list of anime or manga that deserve a television show.

7 More Martial Arts Manga to Check Out.

December 21, 2020 by  
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I love martial arts manga and manhua as we’ve established. While there are a lot of manga out there about martial arts, the South Korea and Chinese martial arts manhua/manhwa are a different beast. Let’s look at seven more martial arts manga (or manhua/manhwa) to check out!

Manga Showdown: Lone Wolf & Cub vs. Astro Boy.

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However, Lone Wolf and Cub—debuting as Tezuka was working on Phoenix—is a gorgeous series artistically and has some of the best dramatic writing for a manga series. Tezuka’s Black Jack, Dororo, Phoenix, and Princess Knight could all match Lone Wolf and Cub in the story department but if we’re being honest, Tezuka’s art style looked dated by the late 1960s as artists such as Goseki Kojima came onto the scene.

5 Underrated Manga Series You Must Read Now.

October 4, 2020 by  
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Actually, just check out Chinese and Korean manga, there are tons of gems in there. Many of them are pretty much underrated manga series.

Several Main Reasons Why Season 4 Of My Hero Academia Is My Favorite Season.

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More Battles Based On Emotion – One thing that I loved about My Hero Academia Season 4 was that there were certain battles that were based on emotion. One example of this is The Deku vs Chisaki fight where Deku made a promise to Chisaki’s little girl Eri that he would rescue her the next time he saw her which is exactly what he did. Deku fought Chisaki not only just to beat him, but the main reason for why he fought him was to keep his promise that he made to Eri when he previously saw her. The fight between Deku & Chisaki saw Eri help out Deku when his borrowed quirk had finally reached its peak during that fight in which Deku had finally been able to reach 100% full power with his borrowed quirk to finally overcome and defeat Chisaki. This fight was the best fight of My Hero Academia Season 4 in my personal opinion.

Solo Leveling Is A Must Read For Gamers.

May 12, 2020 by  
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I’ll admit, it’s not the deepest, most life-changing series out there but it is one the most fun and exciting ones. Check out Solo Leveling and let me know what you think of it. Also, a small favor for our readers: if you read comics like this or anything isekai shonen—let a brother know in the comments or hit me up. I’m really on this kick right now.

Manga Review: I Am A Hero.

December 3, 2019 by  
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I will say that while it got a live action film, it could’ve done with an anime. Of course, the mentioned development would make it a hard sell to an animation studio and eventual distribution in the West.

Manga Review: God of Martial Arts.

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That said, you’ll never be short on fights in God of Martial Arts. It lives up to its name while giving you the drama and character development of a wuxia novel. This would be a hard 9-soft 10 comic but Lin Feng is just too OP so early in the comic.

New Details about Fruits Basket Anime Revealed.

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Tweet ( A short new trailer of Fruits Basket is here and it reveals a little more about the new anime which is scheduled for a run in 2019. The trailer shows Tohru appearing at the Sohma house. She faces Yuki Sohma and looks at Kyo as he is shown sitting on a roof. Everything feels […]

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