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5 Times The City Failed Superheroes.

A while back, I discussed why I enjoyed the original “Civil War” story arc from 2006 and 2007. Two groups of heroes duked it out in a series of battles over the “Superhero Registration Act”.

Judge Dredd and The Judge Child Quest.

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Another Judge—Judge McGruder—is introduced in the standalone story following The Judge Child Quest.

Panels On Screen: Spawn.

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None of those films really stole the show revenue-wise to warrant sequels or spin-offs. I mean, we got some strong acting performances but studios look at sales and drawing potential. Waiting to Exhale came close enough while 1998’s Blade which had a balance similar to Spawn’s blew the doors off for comic book films and Black leads in comic book films. It’s an honor that should’ve gone to Spawn since it was actually hot in the 90s.

The Comic Book Industry Should Bring Back Anthologies.

Speaking of that character, the post-Marvel Civil War Initiative period could’ve been a starting point for this. This part of the storyline introduced several interesting characters and put a spotlight on others. I’d never figured Constrictor could be that funny. An anthology series covering this would’ve been nice but probably would’ve interfered with the larger story being told.

Image Comics and Its Original Big 4.

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The four series that held Image Comics up for years was flagship title Spawn, the other flagship Savage Dragon, Witchblade, and The Darkness. These four series had the most crossover success with TV shows, films, games, and cartoons.

As a matter of fact, there is supposed to be a reboot of the Spawn film with Jamie Foxx as the lead. Then again, the status of a second Spawn movie has always been in the air. We’ve gone into Spawn and Savage Dragon but the Marc Silvestri-created The Darkness and Witchblade might be new to some.

Support Black Creators Only If You Dig Their Stuff.

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Ultimately, support Black creators if you dig their stuff. You’re not obligated to support their stuff just because you’re also Black or brown. You can also dig a Black Ariel and support Black creators. Hell, people have listened to underground artists for years while also enjoying mainstream artists.

Check Out DayBlack.

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Keef Cross’ DayBlack has a great story and the artwork to match. “Trippy” comes to mind when explaining the art style.

Introducing Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline.

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As a matter of fact, an aging Brotherman or a newly trained Brotherman in a Big City facing today’s threats would be great.

10 of the Best Black Comics Set To Dominate 2018.

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This time, the new Black Panther series is more fun and it’s highly recommended among all the best black comics that are ready to dominate 2018.

Looking at All-Negro Comics #1.

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It’s just a shame that over 70 years later and the rights to All-Negro Comics are floating in the public domain.