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My Thoughts About Destiny 2.

( When I first heard about Destiny 2, I was very interested into playing this game because I have played many first person shooter games since the days of me playing Goldeneye 007 for The N64 back in the day. First person shooting games have had numerous amazing titles that have come out since the days of Goldeneye 007 from Doom to Call Of Duty.

When I tried out Destiny 2 for the very first time earlier this week, I actually liked what I saw while playing the game. Playing first person shooting games has always been a very enjoyable experience for me because it gives me something to do throughout the day without being bored and not doing anything productive.

Here’s some things that I liked about Destiny 2.

1. Gameplay – Although it’s a typical first person shooting game, but the gameplay for this game runs very smoothly at a rate of 60 fps so that was the game doesn’t freeze or becomes very choppy at certain points of the game while you’re playing the game by shooting down as many enemies as you can. The crispness feel to the gameplay also makes this game much more of an enjoyable experience to gamers who like playing first person shooting games.

2. Graphics – The graphics of this game are very similar to some of the most popular first person shooting games out there today from The Tom Clancy series to The Call Of Duty series. I was so impressed with the smooth graphics engine that the developers had implemented in the game to make gamers appreciate the amazing graphics engine because in the gaming industry if you don’t have a good graphics engine to run the game in a smooth and very detailed way, then gamers wouldn’t like the game very much that it’ll flop in the total sales category for the game. So, it’s always important games to have a very good graphics engine to make the gaming experience fun and enjoyable for gamers.

3. A Different Feel – Unlike many other first person shooting games, Destiny 2 is very different from other first person shooting games in numerous ways:

1) The game is set not in a post-apocalyptic world, but in a mythical science fiction world instead.

2) The types of modes for Destiny 2 include PVE (player vs environment) and PVP (player vs player).

3) In PVE mode, there are also two different types of modes which are three player strikes and six player raids.

4) There’s even a nice cool mode that the developers added to the game which is called “free roam mode” that allows players to roam planets to speak to people, find items, or take on dangerous enemies. These modes are so fun to play.

The Conclusion – Destiny 2 is an amazing game that has very good graphics and several modes and interesting characters that make the game worth your time because once you play it, you’ll definitely like it.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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