Friday, October 19, 2018

The 5 Best Spider-Man Shows.

Spider-Man 1994 was similar to X-Men: The Animated Series in that it followed the comics’ storylines closely and was drama first, action second.

10 Single-player Games That Have Not Aged Well.

The game features simple controls but today if you try to play this game again, you will feel exhausted after seeing how awful the controls are.

My Thoughts About Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a very good game that has potential to become an amazing battle royale style game mixed with military tactics if the developers stop being lazy and update the graphics.

Peerless Dad is Martial Arts Perfection.

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In just a few chapters spanning a couple of years, we see young Noh go from a hyper ambitious martial artists to a family man with a sense of justice.

Retro Rewind: X-Men The Animated Series.

It’s been said before but of the Marvel series, X-Men is the most soap opera-ish of them all and the animated captures a good deal of that high drama and action.

Astro City: The Dark Age.

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In 1973, the younger Williams brother’s line of work threatened to bring him into the crosshairs of the Blue Knight, a police officer/vigilante.

Manga History: Samurai Executioner.

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Conflict is important in any story so while the main character isn’t involved in conflict, many of the people in his stories are and that makes up for it to a degree.

My Thoughts About Survival Heroes.

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Survival Heroes is definitely a breath of fresh air that the battle royale game genre needed since the hype for Fornite came early this year and later subsided.

Get Into American Vampire.

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They end up biting an outlaw by the name of Skinner Sweet, making him the first American vampire and causing the curse–or gift–of vampirism to evolve.

Review; BLACK.

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Luckily, the team spun the series off into the BLACK [AF] comics. So, should you pick up BLACK? Of course! It’s a short read but an incredible one!

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