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Earth Defense Force 5 PC Release still undetermined, Game Marches West.

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( Earth Defense Force 5 PC release still remains unconfirmed as the game is now listed on the PlayStation Store for pre-order. For PS4 players in the U.S., this is the second time D3 Publisher has confirmed the game’s release, as earlier this year, they said the game is coming in summer 2018. With plans to release all the post-launch content before March 2019, the publisher is planning to release the game in 2018.

Earth Defense Force 5 is already available in Japan on PlayStation 4 as the game was released in December 2017. For the game’s release in the west, the publisher has released a new trailer. Gameplay in the video looks bad just like the previous Earth Defense Force series games, but that’s the reason people want it. Fans want Earth Defence Force PC release badly because it’s one of the games you can just start playing without expecting much in terms of visuals, storyline or level design.

In EDF 5, you play as a human soldier and your mission is to protect the earth from alien invasion. Developed by Sandlot, the third-person shooter features ridiculous gameplay. Giant insects and human-like monsters bring a lot of goofiness and chaos on screen. The graphics are poor just like the previous games from the franchise and what matters the most is the number of over-sized enemies to kill which is almost endless.

Earth Defense Force series began in Japan in 2005 and is a cult classic that has become popular for its poor quality control and laughable voice acting. As you can see in the new Earth Defense Force 5 trailer that there’s no proper work done on the game’s graphics and those big captions look comical. The developer simply adds a massive playground where the players can start killing giant insects.

Before the Earth Defense Force 5, the game developer released EDF 4.1: The Shadow Of New Despair in 2015 in Japan. This game was an enhanced port of EDF 2025 for PS4. The game was criticized for gameplay issues but the cult following has kept the series alive as nobody actually pays attention to the game’s quality management and people only expect mindless fun from Sandlot. The previous game was unplayable in certain situations as the character and giant creatures used to get stuck in walls, buildings, and stumble over the others.

Earth Defense Force 5 will be available in standard and Deluxe Edition. The standard edition will include the game but those who preorder EDF 5 will get some additional in-game items such as a 16 variation set of decoy launcher featuring a decoy that sings and dances in the battlefield. There’s one more item called volcanic cracker that brings you the wing diver weapon and there’s a gold commander machine which early joiners can board.

The deluxe edition includes all the contents of the standard edition but it also brings passes for the additional content which will be launched after the game’s release. Sandlot is aiming to add two additional missions to Earth Defense Force 5. These missions include an extra challenge and a super challenge. The developer has confirmed that the post-launch content will be available before March 2019.

For the game’s release, D3 Publisher has not confirmed any specific release date and said that the game will be out in 2018. The PlayStation Store has put a placeholder and nothing is confirmed about the game’s release so far. Earth Defense Force 5 PC release also remains unconfirmed but players hope that it will happen. The series’s previous entry Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair was later released on PC after the game was made available in Japan on PS4. So, we can expect the Earth Defense Force PC release announcement to happen sometime later this year.

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