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Halo Infinite Gameplay: 10 Best Things We Want To See.

(AfroGamers.com) Halo Infinite, the next instalment in Microsoft Xbox’s franchise is coming. At E3, the company revealed a demo that runs on 343 Industries’ new game engines called Slipspace. Due to microtransaction controversies, the game is making headlines, but our focus is different. We are sharing our Halo Infinite wishlist, the top 10 things we want to see in Halo Infinite gameplay.

1. Console and PC crossplay

People who can’t think beyond the keyboard, mouse vs controller debate will definitely dislike this idea. The ability to play a game depends on a player’s skills. Many people suck at both, so there’s no point in arguing which is better. The point here is getting crossplay between PC and console. It will open doors to a larger world full of new players. If that happens, the overall life of the game will be extended.

2. Kill the REQ system

Game developer 343 Industries introduced REQ packs with Halo 5 and it was (not completely, but) a way to win by paying money. Those who were ready to pay money were still getting an advantage over others. The REQ system lets players collect cosmetic items, credits, exclusive vehicles, and weapons. Although the gameplay skills of individuals play a major role in this part, still many people dislike the idea. This time, 343 Industries can find a better alternative. They can at least reduce the number of packs or the contents.

3. Playable Elites

Playing as an elite is fun, especially in Halo 2 and Halo 3. Many people want to see the customization options offered by elites. Elites make the multiplayer experience look more diverse. Even if you play as Spartan, having elites in the game won’t hurt. If elites come back, it would be interesting to see how the campaigns will be designed.

4. Campaign Theater

The Theater is a really good feature and it is one of the things we want to see in Halo Infinite. The theater is a great way to see things you just ignore or didn’t have the time to focus on during the gameplay. Theater helps you capture stunning visuals from the campaign. It is one of the best features we have seen in the Halo franchise games. It was quite surprising that developers took the feature away from some games. If the developer considers bringing the theater back, it will help content creators.

5. Get rid of sprint

Sprint is not really good. In certain situations, for instance, when you’re being shot at, sprinting helps a lot. It helps you get a cover quickly, but when it comes to map designs, sprinting kills the fun. For huge maps also, players tend to cross the level jumping forward. Without sprinting, Halo Infinite gameplay can stand strong. Developers really don’t have to copy games like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

6. More weapons

People want more brute weapons in Halo Infinite. The arsenal we have in Halo 5 is impressive but it needs to be bigger. This time, we need more weapons and items. Making everything, at least some items unlockable items without a loot box system. Slowing down the speed of movement made some weapons useless. It almost killed the precision weapons. So this time, a proper balance between movement speed and new and old weapons is what we want to see in Halo Infinite.

7. Make us feel scared

Flashlights should come back. It was fun to explore the dark areas in previous Halo games. There you can actually use the flashlight in a more meaningful way. You pay extra attention to what appears in front of you and those small things were matchless. It’s fun when some of the levels make you feel uncomfortable. Imagine that the only thing you’ll notice is your flashlight and the sound coming from the other side.

8. Large-scale battles

Battles on large scale look amazing and in the upcoming game, the scale of battles should be bigger. Even if they introduce a more Battlefield styled multiplayer, it would be fine. Battles on super large maps will be fun. The Halo community is large, so bigger battles with less AI involvement would be great. If that happens, we need big maps and not the pieces of Forge.

9. Better playlist management

Halo games featured playlists that developer could maintain but they chose to take them away. It is not good because those who want to come back for the playlists have no choice left. The irony is the playlists don’t even make a come back. In Halo Infinite, playlists should be bigger and there should be a way to maintain them on servers. Pulling them back hurts the gameplay and it doesn’t make any sense.

10. And everything else on your Halo Infinite wishlist

Implementation of microtransactions in Halo Infinite will remain a hot topic of discussions. It’s too early to say anything about what the publisher is planning. The game is still in development. All we have seen is an E3 demo and some pieces of information in 343 Industries’ blog posts.

We want to see many other things in Halo Infinite gameplay. Other than the features, improvements, and changes mentioned above, a credit currency system should be there. A better ranking system and more interesting missions in campaigns are also needed. With that said, a strong story should be there so that people can play the game over and over again.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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