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Several Main Reasons Why Season 4 Of My Hero Academia Is My Favorite Season.

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( My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime out there today. In fact, they recently reached a milestone by selling more than 25 million copies of the manga and not too many creators can say that they have done that.

My Hero Academia is so popular in fact that it’s become the hottest anime in the hood since the days of DBZ during the peak of The OG Toonami Era on Cartoon Network from 2000-2006. I absolutely love My Hero Academia because it has an amazing display of different characters with different backstories, motivations, and drives, but it also has the action packed fights that are intense, but nowhere near the level of Gogeta vs Broly was in The Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie. 

Out of all the seasons of My Hero Academia, Season 4 is my personal favorite season of the popular anime. Here are several reasons why.

Focusing On Other Characters Than Just The Main Ones – As much as I liked the first 3 seasons of My Hero Academia, one of the few things that I didn’t like about those seasons was that I felt that there was a bit too much focus on the main characters of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, All-Might, and Shigaraki. But with Season 4, we see more characters get a chance to shine from one of The Big 3 in Amajiki to the fiery red haired student of Class 1A in Kirishima because it allowed us to see more into their backstory, motivation, and drive to become a hero. Focusing on the other characters that aren’t the main characters in Season 4 has allowed them to shine and be fleshed out more. 

More Character Development For The Other Characters – The one thing that Season 4 of My Hero Academia has done an amazing job in and that’s giving more character development to other characters that didn’t get as much character development in the first three seasons. An example of this is the fiery red haired student in Class 1A in Kirishima. In episode 9 of Season 4, we get to see more of Kirishima’s backstory as he was a black haired guy in middle school that was heavily looked down upon by his peers and plus the girls didn’t take him seriously at all. He had absolutely no aspirations to be a hero until he saw in image of his idol Crimson Riot speaking about his desire to become a hero after he failed to save an innocent person who was in dire need of assistance and he personally made a vow to never allow that situation to happen again, so after that Kirishima dyed his hair red and adopting his personal values and his name. 

More Battles Based On Emotion – One thing that I loved about My Hero Academia Season 4 was that there were certain battles that were based on emotion. One example of this is The Deku vs Chisaki fight where Deku made a promise to Chisaki’s little girl Eri that he would rescue her the next time he saw her which is exactly what he did. Deku fought Chisaki not only just to beat him, but the main reason for why he fought him was to keep his promise that he made to Eri when he previously saw her. The fight between Deku & Chisaki saw Eri help out Deku when his borrowed quirk had finally reached its peak during that fight in which Deku had finally been able to reach 100% full power with his borrowed quirk to finally overcome and defeat Chisaki. This fight was the best fight of My Hero Academia Season 4 in my personal opinion.

The Conclusion – I really enjoyed season 4 of MHA S4 where it had its moments of comedy, action, emotional investment, more character development, and some good filler towards the end of MHA S4.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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