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Several Reasons As To Why Many Gamers Hate Jump Force.

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( Last year, Jump Force became one of the most anticipated games of 2019 because many people were actually looking forward to seeing legendary Shonen Jump manga characters like Vegeta and Ryo in video game form. But there were some concerns that some people had about Jump Force and that they felt that it was a rehash of J-Stars.

But when the game came out last Thursday and many people who actually bought and played the game immediately took to social media to trash the game that made the game become one of the worst games of 2019 so far.

Here are several reasons why many gamers hate Jump Force.

1. Graphics – One of the main reasons as to why many people hate Jump Force because the graphics for this game are definitely awful because a while back before Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, a trailer featuring legendary Street Fighter character Chun-Li and the facial animation on her face was absolutely atrocious because the facial animation on her face looked far better in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Street Fighter IV than it did in MvC: Infinite and many people took to social media and gaming media outlets wrote articles absolutely burying this horrendous facial animation of Chun-Li.

2. Create-A-Character Feature: One of the biggest reasons as to why many people hate Jump Force is that the game’s create-a-character feature is very flawed because many of the customizable parts from the outfits to the hair styles are basically copy-n-paste from characters from the game’s main roster. The create-a-character mode from the trailers that I saw of the game are very limited because you have to do micro transactions in order to unlock more parts from the characters to actually use for your created character and many people definitely do not like the use of microtransactions in video games at all nowadays. I personally feel nowadays that microtransactions are hurting not only video games and the gaming industry, but also the gamers that play these video games.

3. Server Issues – One of the biggest reasons as to why many gamers absolutely hate Jump Force is the fact that the servers for the game’s online mode are extremely bad because it sometimes takes the game far too long to load and in other cases, many gamers have legitimately complained that the game constantly crashes during the loading times from the bad servers. The developers clearly didn’t even try to fix the server problems that many gamers complain about because they were only interested in getting their $$$ and not caring about what the gamers even thought about the game at all.

The Conclusion – Jump Force did had the potential to be one of the best fighting video games of the year, but because of the lazy and greedy attitude of the gaming developers, the game ended up being panned by many gamers on social media with some calling it one of the worst video games of 2019.

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4 Responses to “Several Reasons As To Why Many Gamers Hate Jump Force.”

    it is my fav game

  2. Justin says:

    The graphics are not horrible. they are beautiful. I kinda like this game. it’s so much fun. I love playing with my friends and my little brother loves to watch me play it. anything to make him happy. one day I’ll teach him to play and we will have the most fun ever in our lives

  3. Nick says:

    Dude before you judge game quality, please learn proper english. The run on sentences made this hard to read. You also kept repeating this too many time like, “the facial animation on her face was absolutely atrocious”. Where else would her facial animations be?

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