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Unapologetic Naruto Fan.

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( I have loves literature of all forms, movies, and animation for as long as I can remember. What makes the stories come alive for us, in part, is the depth by which we are able to connect. Sometimes we can get lost in the story in a way that allows is to access a situation outside of ourselves. Let’s be real life can be hard. Some of us have experienced pain, and hardship from childhood to adulthood that’s enough to break the soul of a person. It is in the places that we can lay that burden down that we find some sort of peace or reprieve even if it’s for a moment.

I admit I began watching Anime and easing manga as a child because, like my other books it allowed me to get away. I enjoyed the characters and many themes I could find. The shoes were world’s apart from anything I had found. Anime wasn’t like the other cartoons. I submerged myself in this even though it wasn’t popular in my house, nor family. Granted I wasn’t to fond of the depiction of black people, but I watched for everything else. When watching Dragonball I loved Piccalo. He was, in my mind, my black character as others in the show were rather unfavorable. I knew if I kept watching Anime, like with certain books, I would eventually come across one that would allow me to workout some of the things that concerned my heart whole getting away.

To that end I fell in love when I encounter that loud, brash, big hearted child named Naruto. I never knew I could fall in love with an Anime show to that degree. It wasn’t just the main character, but the writing allowed the viewer to get to know so many characters. There were so many stories, and testimonies wrapped into one.

There was even the depiction not black people as strong leaders with good things to offer the world they live in. I found that I even enjoyed the often criticized fillers. I needed this character that against all odds never betrayed his own beliefs. He wasn’t a hypocrite even when it would have been excused or understandable. He wanted to be loved, understood and excepted which he earned on the strength of his own heart. He was light, and darkness could not stand it’s presence.

I was angry when I lost my family. I wanted so deeply to be loved and accepted in my community. This show spoke to me in manner that allowed me to evaluate myself without feeling the burn of the process. It was necessary for me to have a space where I could focus on something else and tend to me at the same time. I always found the arts as a way to get that accomplished.

I laughed, cried, got angry and felt vindicated with Naruto and the many characters in the show. I am unapologetically a fan. I watch whenever I feel my compass is off path, and I work my way back to balance as the show progresses. I find that the story of different characters get me there depending on what I’m facing. If I had kids they would be brought up on Naruto as they learn to use literature, Anime, film and music as ways to work out the chaos and confusion of the world as they try to relate.

I am an Anime fan, and Naruto is my personal all-time favorite. I’ll never apologize because only I know where I’ve been, and how different works effect me. Naruto was my saving grace in may dark times. I would recommend it to anyone hoping they get a glimpse of how awesome the show can be…depending on what they see, and where they have been.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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