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The Most OP Fighting Video Game Characters I’ve Ever Seen.

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( I’ve played many fighting games over the years from Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat and I’ve personally played as some fighting characters that were OP aka overpowered such as Metal Sonic and some that are overrated like Ryu and Dan from Street Fighter.

Here now are the top 5 most OP fighting video game characters I’ve ever seen.

1. Bayonetta – Ever since she made her grand entrance into the video game scene back in 2009, Bayonetta has become one of video game’s most popular and one of its most controversial characters. The biggest example of Bayonetta being one of the most controversial video game characters today is her inclusion in the popular fighting game Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU that made many gamers angry because they were getting beaten badly and being eliminated so quick by the fictional Umbran witch that uses powerful combos while utilizing all sorts of witch and demon powers that makes her such an overpowered character. Whenever a gamer uses Bayonetta as a character for his/her team, they’re immediately booed by the audience at some gaming tournaments across the country nowadays.

2. Akuma – When Akuma Made his debut in the Street Fighter Alpha Series back in the mid 1990s. For those of you that have never heard of Street Fighter Alpha, it’s basically a sub series of Street Fighter games that takes place between the events of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III. What Mewtwo is to Pikachu in Pokémon is what Akuma is to Ryu in Street Fighter: an evil version of a protagonist character. What makes Akuma stand out from Ryu is the fact that he has unique specials and super attacks such as The Raging Demon that can either take half off the opponent’s vitality bar or kill them when they have less than half of their vitality remaining. I remember seeing some of friends play against Akuma in Street Fighter Alpha III back in the day and I was absolutely frustrated seeing how extremely difficult it is to actually defeat Akuma in Street Fighter because he’s absolutely the most OPed character in Street Fighter history.

3. M. Bison – M. Bison is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most OP fighting video game characters ever and the 2nd most OP fighting video game character in Street Fighter history behind Akuma. I know for a fact that a lot of longtime Street Fighter fans that grew up playing the Street Fighter games from the 1990s had absolute nightmares of M. Bison because when we got past all the other characters, but by the time we got to M. Bison, he literally destroyed us so quick with his very overpowered Psycho Crusher super attack which often frustrated us into putting the joystick down and switching to play another video game.

4. Sentinel – For the ones that don’t know anything about the Sentinels: they are robot hunters that were created for the sole purpose of hunting down and terminating mutants which makes them basically The Terminators Of X-Men. In some of the old Marvel vs Capcom fighting games from back in the 1990s and even Marvel vs Capcom 3 from 2010, Sentinel was definitely one of the most OP characters from those games because it had the ability to break through players’ guard and dish out some very serious damage that can’t even be blocked which often made many gamers angry and grew to despise the character even to this very day.

5. Nightmare – Ever since the character of Nightmare was introduced in The Soul Calibur series in 1996, the character is one of if not the most OP character in the history of the 20+ year fighting video game franchise because he has some of the most powerful and devastating attacks and special attacks that are very difficult for players to defend from because even if you try your hardest to avoid those overpowered attacks of Nightmare’s, he’s still gonna hit you with some serious damage which has made many players who have played against him over the years especially the recent game Soul Calibur 6 rage quit by forfeiting their matches and play something else.

The Conclusion – OP fighting game characters are not only some of the strongest characters to play with if you play with them well, but they are definitely sure to give you a lot of headaches and nightmares whenever you go up against them in arcade or story mode.

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