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Langrisser Mobile – My Thoughts.

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( Recently, I finally got the chance to play a new RPG game that I’ve been greatly anticipating since it was announced last year called Langrisser Mobile.

Langrisser is a strategy RPG series that’s lasted over 25 years since its first iteration on The Sega Genesis console that was basically the very first ever strategy RPG game that I remember playing back in the day.

Langrisser Mobile continues the long standing tradition of providing quality strategy RPG games that relies on careful planning and preparation in order to take down your opponents and to prevent them from defeating you.

Here are several reasons as to why Langrisser Mobile is better than other strategy RPG games out there like Fire Emblem Heroes.

1. Better Customization – One of the biggest negatives about Fire Emblem Heroes is that their customization options aren’t as deep as they are in Langrisser Mobile because in Fire Emblem Heroes, the customization options are extremely limited to just equipping the character with armor, shield, and sword. In Langrisser Mobile, you can upgrade your character’s class through the use of a branching upgrade tree. For example, if one of the characters in the game masters the fighting class, he or she can upgrade to either a ninja or a swordsman and once the character upgrades, their soldiers also get a huge upgrade as well. This extreme customization that’s currently absent in Fire Emblem Heroes is one that Langrisser Mobile greatly took advantage of.

2. Better Strategic Planning – In Fire Emblem Heroes, the planning in that game goes simply by elemental strengths and weakness. But in Langrisser Mobile, the planning goes by the classic rock-paper-scissors model that allows for units to know what types are effective and ineffective against. For example, calvary are stronger than infantry, but are weaker against lancers as well as fliers are strong against wolves, but are weaker against archers and so on. Understanding a unit’s strengths and weaknesses in Langrisser Mobile will help older and newer players understand how the game mechanics and gameplay works.

3. Better Way Of Leveling Up – One of the other things that I don’t like about Fire Emblem Heroes is that it’s extremely difficult to level up in much later stages because the main ways that you can level up in Fire Emblem Heroes is by damaging an enemy with your character and after you defeat the enemy with your character. In Langrisser Mobile, they make it much easier to level up by getting XP potions in certain stages of the game like “Time Rift” where you can do multiple sweeps at a time and get multiple drops of the XP potions that can be used to quickly level up your characters so that they can upgrade their classes once they reach a certain level. For example if a character reaches level 20, they’ll be able to upgrade their class for a second time which is absolutely amazing.

The Conclusion – Langrisser Mobile has truly blown me away with it’s amazing graphics, gameplay, and extreme customization options that makes this game very enjoyable for long time fans of RPG games like myself. I give this game a 9 out of 10.

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