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Old School RPG Corner: Harvest Moon 64.

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Harvest Moon 64 embodies this meaning you’ll get a fun and mildly challenging experience out of it.

Revisiting Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s Best Moments.

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When Al uses the philosopher’s stone, he appears to be a better warrior than his brother Ed as he fights alone against the tag team of Pride and Kimblee. If you haven’t watched this scene, do it because it is one of the best action scenes you will watch in this anime series.

I Enjoyed The Marvel Civil War.

The Civil War was much more than that but the film was a great as an extremely loose adaptation.

My First Thoughts About Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.

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The open world elements of this game are so amazing and I would even say that they’re significantly better than the one seen in the Xenoverse series. I have definitely played so many RPGs over the years and it will always be my favorite genre because it has definitely helped me expand my skill set in other areas over the past two decades. 

Everything We Know About Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Relaunch.

The story will be based on the aftermath of the series Infinity Wars. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been delayed so it would be interesting to see if they’ll look at the new comics for some fresh ideas.

New Details about Fruits Basket Anime Revealed.

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Tweet ( A short new trailer of Fruits Basket is here and it reveals a little more about the new anime which is scheduled for a run in 2019. The trailer shows Tohru appearing at the Sohma house. She faces Yuki Sohma and looks at Kyo as he is shown sitting on a roof. Everything feels […]