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Revisiting Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s Best Moments.

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( When Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was announced, the release seemed to be unnecessary. The first few episodes were enough to put anyone off and if you haven’t watched the series but read the negative reviews, it is easy to skip this masterpiece. The story of two brothers struggling to restore their bodies and seeing life’s undesirable truths brings every human emotion.

Edward’s last transmutation

It’s the time when everyone just wants to see Al back. Even Ling decides to give his philosopher’s stone which he struggled for. It’s heartwarming to see how Ed decides to perform his last transmutation. The way he grew up and learned the eternal truth that we all are mere humans, but with infinite possibilities can leave anyone with teary eyes. His answers to Truth’s questions show his determination and clarity of thoughts. This is probably the best scene ever in the anime series.

Edward finds Al’s body

The scene where Ed runs towards Al as he sees his body is incredible. Seeing the door of portal opening and hands coming out through the portal pulling Ed back gives goosebumps. Soon when he is pulled back as he keeps assuring Al that he will come back, dramatically changes the whole scenario in a moment. This scene pretty much brings up as many emotions as possible. The moment Al refuses to come with his brother, the disappointment on Ed’s face can’t be expressed in words.

Mr. Tucker merges Nina with her dog

Seeing Nina and Ed’s conversation is heartbreaking. The way her father merges the little girl with her pet dog is horrific and disturbing to see. When Ed asks Shou Tucker “where are Nina and Alexander?” The shock value created in that scene is intense. Although, Tucker got what he deserved, seeing helpless Ed is more depressing. He even remembers the little girl when he meets Truth.

Envy’s death

That moment when you’re supposed to hate a monster but then it tells you something so deep that you just can’t think of killing him. Envy’s death is one of the most memorable moments in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series. It is sad to watch this monster killing itself in rage. This scene also tells a lot about Ed’s character. His kindness and compassion are matchless as he is even willing to save his enemies who exist to make humans suffer. He looks tough on the surface but inside he is ready to forgive even those who have troubled him more than anyone else. It’s amazing to see that a villain’s death can also make you sad.

The murder of Maes Hughes

Out of all the memorable Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood moments, the death of Maes Hughes is probably the saddest one. Known as a soldier, a family man, and Roy Mustang’s best friend, Hughes is loved by all. He discovers a secret and while speaking about the same, he comes under attack by homunculi. He gets shot by Envy leaving his family behind. The tragic death scene leaves everyone speechless.

Alphonse vs. Pride

The scene where Alphonse fights against Pride and Kimblee is one of the best scenes from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This fight doesn’t last longer, but the action scene is worth watching. When Al uses the philosopher’s stone, he appears to be a better warrior than his brother Ed as he fights alone against the tag team of Pride and Kimblee. If you haven’t watched this scene, do it because it is one of the best action scenes you will watch in this anime series.

Van Hohenheim’s last words

The estranged father of Alphonse Elric and Edward, Van Hohenheim is the man who gave a lot to the series. As an extremely powerful alchemist, Hohenheim realizes his wrongdoings and returns to change certain things about his past. Before his death, he visits his wife Trisha Elric’s grave, sits in front of it and dies with a smile on his face. This scene is so touching. And that last dialogue from Pinako Rockbell “Idiot… I’ve never seen a dead person look so happy” brings tears in the eyes.

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