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Hancock Could’ve Started Comic Book Franchise.

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( When I began dating my fiancée, we got into an argument over Hancock. Yes, the 2008 superhero film starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron. Oh, how she claimed I hated Hancock. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if we are actually having this argument. Like was that real argument? Over Hancock? Of all things: Hancock?

I enjoyed the movie. Am I fan? Not really and it’s not because it insists upon itself. No, there’s nothing there to really be a fan of.

The Film Came In With Nothing

Imagine getting one of the biggest actors in the world to do a superhero film based on no universe. This isn’t the Marvel Universe or the Earth that DC takes place. As a matter of fact, it’s not even The Mask and that film was based on a standalone comic book series. No, there is nothing going into Hancock but a screenplay written over a decade earlier.

I’ve never been a fan of standalone anything. It’s why I don’t like comedy films or sitcoms, really. Some will catch me such as Cheech and Chong or Trailer Park Boys. Other than that, it’s hard to sell sitcoms or episodic dramas to me. I love serials, long-running stuff with a lot world building.

If it’s new with nothing behind it, then it had better catch me from the trailer. In 2008, Hancock didn’t do that and I usually warm up to a superhero film easily. The only thing behind it was Smith and Theron. Well, that isn’t going to move me much but when it hit cable, I was impressed.

Actually, I had a blast watching it. My favorite Will Smith mode is when he’s doing sci-fi. You can tell he enjoys sci-fi and puts on his best performance. Also, this was Smith playing a different kind of character. This wasn’t Smith being charming and a heart throb. This was Smith after The Pursuit of Happiness so he had his big dramatic film fangs sharpened for this on.

You know, Big Willie is cool and everyone loves him. Once you get to this film, you realize that he can play a jerk if needed. Hancock turned out to be good—then it ended. No actual follow up, no news that a sequel would happen. Just discussion of what a sequel could look like—and even that was light.

Hancock Could’ve Been A Franchise

After Hancock ended, I figured there would be a sequel. Why wouldn’t there be? It got mixed-to-positive reviews and made so much at the box office that it outdid its budget by almost five times! Surely, we’d be getting another Hancock in 2010 or 2011 at the latest.

That was too much like right. Or rather, things didn’t move like they should’ve after the film’s success. Time is everything. Will Smith and Charlize Theron are busy actors and would end up moving into other projects. Plus, when they were discussing the sequel, it was still in the building phase.

OK, so no film on the horizon. How about comics or an animated series? Something to keep the world of Hancock alive. When the film ended, it left things pretty open for John and Mary? A TV series would’ve been incredible but could you get Smith and Theron to commit to filming seasons of TV?

Who knows, maybe we could see a Hancock sequel get picked up by Netflix down the line. I mean, Netflix hasn’t yet and the film came out in 2008 but impossible things have happened before.

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