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Solo Leveling Is A Must Read For Gamers.

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( There are a few comics/manga/manhua/manhwa/webcomics out there that use gaming as a mechanic. The most common mechanic used is from RPGs and MMORPGs where the main character can read their own stats and those of others. One comic for gamers is Solo Leveling by Chu-gong with Jang Sung-rak handling the art.

In the West, it’s called Only I Level Up.

Solo Leveling: Setting the Scene

Imagine looking up from whatever you were doing to find out that a portal has opened and creatures from another world or dimension are coming through. Not only that but because of that you or others you know have now gained powers—powers that would probably be best used fighting these creatures.

That’s the world of Solo Leveling. Ten years prior, such an event happens around the world. Normally, this would be something that the police or military handles but as it happens in these comics, the government makes it so that this task falls to hunters.

Hunters are as they sound: monster hunters. They enter these portals to fight them and are paid accordingly. Each country has hunters and hunters are generally a member of a guild, an alliance of hunters who get together in parties to take on or raid a dungeon—anywhere a portal appears.

All hunters have to go through a larger hunters association. There their power is graded on a scale of E to S. It’s the A and S class hunters who become superstars and request a lot for their services or to sign a contract. With the right number of team mates, a hunter can form their own guild.

Since Solo Leveling is set in an alternate present day, guilds are equal to companies mixed with private militaries. As a matter of fact, they work with the military on particularly large raids with the military often providing support.

Our Hero’s Luck

Sung Jin-Woo is a young man who becomes a hunter to pay for his mother’s healthcare. His father left home some time ago leaving just him, his mother, and his sister. He is ranked at E, making him one of the weakest hunters. A rank of E means that someone is slightly stronger than a normal human and should probably stick to weaker dungeons.

As Sung Jin-Woo’s luck would have it, those dungeons are rare so he takes on tougher dungeons with stronger hunters, usually as a support or pack mule. Despite his role, he often ends up injured. His fortunes change during one raid where an ancient trap is set.

Even though Jin-Woo isn’t strong or skilled, he has strong observation and problem-solving skills. He manages to save several team members by figuring out the trap’s puzzle and staying behind. Apparently, the last person left would die in the dungeon. His luck changes when he experiences a double awakening.

Jin-Woo Levels Up!

An awakening is when a hunter first gets their powers. A double awaken is rare and tends to result in a power up. In our hero’s case, he got the greatest of powers: a cheat. He first notices this while in the hospital when he gets a character screen that only he can see. Remember this because I’ll be touching on another series with this element.

The character sheet allows him to see his own stats—health, amount of magic he can use, skills/spells, perks, and attributes. It’s just like looking at your character in any game, really. Because he thinks quickly, he figured out that he could exercise to raise some attributes but battle would get him the best rewards.

He doesn’t want others to really know of his power so he takes to raiding dungeons and training alone—hence Solo Leveling. Ranks in this world are static and you can’t really get stronger just better at using your abilities, however Jin-Woo can level up. As the comic continues, he does just that and becomes more powerful and dangerous along the way.

Check It Out

Solo Leveling finished its first season back in March with 110 chapters. The story keeps you fixated as Jin-Woo learns his powers and encounters other hunters and threats. What also sells this series is the incredible artwork and fight scenes!

I’ll admit, it’s not the deepest, most life-changing series out there but it is one the most fun and exciting ones. Check out Solo Leveling and let me know what you think of it. Also, a small favor for our readers: if you read comics like this or anything isekai shonen—let a brother know in the comments or hit me up. I’m really on this kick right now.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.


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