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Top 5 Most Overrated Units In Dokkan Battle.

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( I’ve been playing the popular puzzle RPG game Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for 4 years now since I first started playing the mobile game back on July 22, 2015. 

During my 4 year Dokkan Battle playing career, I have seen some of the most phenomenal units like The LR SS4s, AGL Transforming Gogeta Blue/ PHY Transforming Full Power Super Saiyan Broly, and PHY TOP Android #17 to some of the absolute worst units like STR Majuub, OG TEQ SS Vegeta, and OG AGL SS Goku.

There are also certain units in the game that are definitely overrated meaning that these units are good, but not as good as a lot of people make them out to be.

Here are top 5 of the most overrated units in Dokkan Battle.

INT Goku Black – INT Goku Black without question is the most overrated unit in Dokkan Battle for two main reasons

1) he starts off with a 40% attack buff which is very low that later builds up to the maximum attack buff of 120%.

2) His transformation requirements are definitely the most egregious of all transformation requirements: When HP is 80% or above and when 6 turns have passed. Unfortunately you’re never gonna see the Super Saiyan Rose transformation unless some miracle happens. There are plenty of other top tiered units that are far better than INT Goku Black.

AGL LR Caulifla and Kale – Ever since they came out several months ago, many people were not happy about the unit at first, but over time, there are some people that have severely gushed over this unit like they’re “the best thing that’s ever happened in Dokkan Battle” and it disgusts me personally. Don’t get me wrong, LR Caulifla and Kale are good, but are definitely not by any means “the best thing that’s ever happened in Dokkan Battle”. To me, they are a bit overrated for a few reasons 1) outside of the “ Universe 6”, “Pure Saiyans”, “Joined Forces” and “Universal Survival Saga” category teams, their two part passive is not that great because they only get an extra 10% attack per “Universe 6”, “Pure Saiyans”, and “Joined Forces” allies on the team 2) they only get only an additional super attack when there is a “Pure Saiyans” or “Universal Survival Saga” category enemy, while that part of the passive works in some Dokkan boss battles and story events, it’s not that effective in Super Battle Road. 

TEQ Vegito Blue – Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like TEQ Vegito Blue, but a lot of people also gush over this unit like he’s “The King Of Dokkan Battle” when in reality he’s not. He’s very good, but not as great as a lot of people make him out to be which makes him a bit overrated for a few reasons 1) While his link “Over In A Flash” is good for the “Realm Of Gods” category team, but on the “Future Saga”, “Time Travelers”, and “Potara” teams, he doesn’t fit the best on those three category teams because of the fact that those teams are very “Prepared For Battle” heavy and he doesn’t have that specific link which badly hurts him 2) he’s very RNG aka random number generator heavy because after he supers the first time, 90% of the time the two additional attacks are regular attacks and not super attacks. 

TEQ LR SS3 Goku – Ever since this unit came out over a year ago, I personally view this unit as pretty overrated for two major reasons:

1) With his passive, he starts off with a defensive buff of 120%, but one negative of this unit the fact that he doesn’t have an attack buff of 120% along with that defensive buff of the same percentage is absolutely atrocious.

2) He can only hit extremely hard with his 18 ki Ultra Super Attack with the 180% attack buff added to that, but the other negative of this unit is that after he performs his 18ki Ultra Super Attack, he loses 70% defense which is definitely not great for Super Battle Road and The Legendary Goku Event.

OG STR LR Broly – I will be the first to admit that I don’t like this unit at all not only because he’s The Ultimate Glass Cannon Of Dokkan, but also that he is truly usable in The World Tournament. Here’s why this unit is one of the most overrated units in Dokkan.

1) he has a flat boost attack passive of only 80,000 when performing a super attack which is definitely not great.

2) but absolutely loses 20,000 defense when performing a super attack

3) this unit is only good for The World Tournament.

The Conclusion – Just because a unit is good doesn’t always mean that it’s gonna be as great as a lot of people make it out to be.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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