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Wii U: Nintendo Needs To Learn One More Lesson for the New Switch.

(AfroGamers.comAfter Wii U, the Nintendo Switch appeared as the ray of hope for Nintendo, and surprisingly, the idea worked well. Recently, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime told journalists about how the company turned the failure of Wii U into success by learning from their mistakes. For the Nintendo Switch, one of the fastest selling gaming consoles, the performance of the Wii U turned out to be a great lesson.

At GeekWire Summit in Seattle, Fils-Aime said that the Wii U didn’t have the same level of success the Wii enjoyed. He said that the console couldn’t do what the company expected, but feedback from fans helped Nintendo shape the future of the hardware. Nintendo heard that consumers wanted something they can carry anywhere and also play games on a TV screen. These ideas from fans encouraged the team to work on Nintendo Switch.

As far as the pre-release experiments are concerned, according to Nintendo, the release of the Wii U wasn’t a beta test for the Switch. The company said that the feedback from fans helped the engineers design something that can work as a handheld and as a home console. The success of the Nintendo Switch has helped the company a lot. The net sales for the recent quarter were $1.51 billion. The company also reported operating profits of $275 million.

“We reinvent ourselves,” said Fils-Aimé when asked about leadership tactics and the future of the company’s hardware. In September, Nintendo launched Switch Online, a paid service for online play. Nintendo has a lot of money to experiment with and that gives it a huge advantage over competitors and new players in the market. Now the company is reportedly working on the next version of Nintendo Switch. We don’t know whether they will call it Switch 2 or it will be entirely a new piece of hardware, Nintendo needs to learn one more lesson from the Wii U and its performance.

The first year of the Nintendo Switch was packed with a lot of excitement. It all started with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and then we got Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Doom, Minecraft, and many other games. The availability of AAA titles was pretty good in the first year, but now when 2019 is soon approaching, it looks like Nintendo is stuck somewhere.

As Nintendo looks to make the Switch stronger with more games, the fan community has already started feeling that the company is focusing more on the handheld aspects instead of treating Switch like a home console. The problem is, despite having many platformers on Switch, Nintendo is still not pushing the right 3DS games on the platform. Fans are disappointed because the Switch is not too powerful to handle many AAA games and at the same time, it is too powerful to enjoy old title in 2018.

If you have played games on Wii U, you may have noticed that there were games which felt like they don’t belong to that console. The games were extremely good to be on that console. In 2018, what Nintendo did is it brought many old games to the console. It’s really good to see some of the games coming on a new generation console, but it’s hard to get excited about the release of old games on a new console. Many leading game developers have promised that they will continue to support the Switch platform, but now when we are talking about the next Switch console, can we expect that there won’t be any compromises with the gameplay?

Problems like not having VC is one thing, and yes, it hurts, but this time, the Nintendo Switch is suffering from a more serious problem. It’s about the availability of content. The Wii U was a bad console, but there are players who still prefer Wii U because of the content it offers. The problem with the Switch is that it doesn’t have enough content. A lot more content is needed to make people stay if the company is really considering Switch 2 release.

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