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Why Crossplay Isn’t Really So Bad.

(AfroGamers.com) Crossplay in gaming has always been a hot topic for console and PC gamers. People often curse console manufacturers when they realize that some features are missing, the same is happening with crossplay. Some people want it and some don’t. But you will rarely find people who talk about the good and bad side of cross-play with facts. People usually don’t focus on why crossplay is good/bad and how much it matters to the video game community.

If you ask people why crossplay is bad, most of them will give you the same answer: “crossplay is unfair”. Console players fear that those on PC will get an advantage with mouse and keyboard as these input devices turn out to be more accurate than controllers. Some people argue that different machines are backed by different software builds. So, if one platform has a bug, players on other consoles will not face the same and it will again make the gameplay experience unfair.

It is also true that certain games can be played better on controllers, while shooting games feel better with keyboard and mouse. There are many other things that go against the crossplay scenario which many of us dream about. Still, there are many benefits players can enjoy if crossplay becomes the norm rather than the exception.

The first and the major advantage of crossplay is the ability to play with friends regardless of what platform they use. If the crossplay feature comes without certain restriction, it will allow console and PC players to play together. Regardless of which platform they choose, people will focus more on the games, which means more focus on the quality of content. Crossplay will unite two different sets of players allowing them to focus more on the software part.

Crossplay can bring people together, especially with the games that focus heavily on the social aspects like online activities and community play. In the past, we have seen how publishing scenario has changed. The limitations on exclusive games are one thing, but games which are available on all the major platforms should definitely be brought on a middle ground where anyone regardless of their hardware preference can play with people from around the world.

The idea of crossplay is not new. The way video game industry has evolved, we have seen new ideas being introduced all the time. People had problems with multiplayer, then they started complaining about online multiplayer games, they also hated the idea of digital games vs discs, and now they are unhappy with the cloud game streaming.

If we look back, everything is still the same because today, there are thousands of video game developers working on different types of games. Even today we can buy discs, single player games, and almost everything we thought we could lose.

As far as controls are concerned, you will find good and bad players on PC and consoles. There are less skilled people on all the platforms and there are players who play a lot better than me and a lot better than you. Let all of them be there. It’s true that we can’t tolerate the same happening at world championship events, but on normal days, it won’t hurt. Many features can be added to filter players on the basis of their skills.

If crossplay is accepted properly, people will care less about Microsoft vs Sony or consoles vs PC debates. At present, our consoles and PCs feel overpowered sometimes because manufacturers are trying to do everything with their consoles.

Some people argue that crossplay will make a negative impact on console sales because people will care more about content and less about the platforms. To some extent, these arguments a have a point, but if we look at the bigger picture, it will be a win-win situation for both manufacturers and consumers. People will be able to truly compare the power of their hardware when they will play games. Crossplay won’t make any major difference in the PC space, but we can expect some dedicated keyboard and mouse combinations coming from Microsoft and other third-party developers. Crossplay will certainly let people compare hardware performance in the real world and in different gameplay situations. This knowledge won’t be limited to spec sheets.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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