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Several Dokkan Battle Units That Really Need An Extreme Z Awakening.

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( An Extreme Z Awakening is a process of making old units typically bad units into relevantly good units again. For example, STR Family Kamehameha Super Saiyan Goku was actually the worst Super Saiyan Goku unit in the game when he had a flat boost passive of 3000 attack until he became extremely relevant again when he got a massive boost on his passive to attack and defense of 80% making him a viable opinion for not only the Super STR mono team, but also the “Pure Saiyans” and “Majin Buu Saga” category teams.

Here are top 5 units that really need an Extreme Z Awakening. 

1. Super AGL Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku – The reason why I included SSBKK Goku on this list is because there are two major negatives to his unit: 1) the flat boost passive of 20000 attack and 10000 defense. 2) the fact that every time he supers, the team loses 5% of their HP. SSBKK Goku would be a really sick unit if they changed the passive from 20000 attack and 10000 def to 120% attack and 80% defense and removes the losing 5% HP mechanic every time he does a super attack. This would make him a great fit for not only the Super AGL mono team, but also “Pure Saiyans”, “Representatives Of Universe 7”, and the “Realm Of Gods” category teams.

2. Extreme PHY Goku Black – Goku Black has a decent +3 ki passive for Extreme class units, but the only negative to this unit is the passive in which he gets a flat boost of 3000 attack per every ki sphere obtained which actually holds him back from becoming the beastly unit that he should be. I personally feel that if they add at least 25% to 30% attack passive with the +3 ki for extreme class units and changing the passive from 3000 attack per ki sphere obtained to 12% to 15% attack and defense per ki sphere obtained which will make him an absolute monster unit on not only the Extreme PHY mono team, but also the “Potara”, “Realm Of Gods”, and “Future Saga” category teams.

3. Extreme TEQ Masked Saiyan – He is one of the most underrated units in Dokkan Battle because of the fact that many people don’t use him too much because the main thing that holds him back from unleashing his full potential is his flat boost passive of 50000 attack and 20000 defense. He would definitely be a much better unit if they changed his passive from 50000 attack and 20000 defense to 150% attack and 120% defense which would make him very optimal on the Extreme TEQ mono team and “Pure Saiyans” category team.

4. Super STR Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta – I absolutely love this unit because it tanks the brunt of extremely hard hitters in Extreme Z Awakening and Super Battle Road. All he needs now is like an attack boost of about 80% because it would easily make him a strong viable opinion for the “Super Saiyan 3” category team which would greatly help that team because an Extreme Z Awakened Super STR SSJ3 Vegeta with an 80% attack boost to his passive would definitely be a huge boost for that team.

5. Extreme INT Super Buu (Ultimate Gohan Absorbed) – Extreme INT is actually my least favorite mono team to run in Dokkan Battle because of how wonky the team is with links all over the place. For example units like Kid Buu have no ki links and Angel Golden Frieza not having shocking speed. Super Buu (Ultimate Gohan Absorbed) is a decent, but very outdated unit because it’s not as great as it should be because it has a passive of 12% attack and recover 3000 HP per ki sphere obtained. This unit would be even better if the passive was upgraded from 12% attack and recover 3000 HP per ki sphere obtained to 15% attack and defense and recover 5000 HP per ki sphere obtained which would definitely make him a viable opinion for the “Majin Buu Saga” category team.

u: Super STR Super Gogeta, Super TEQ Beerus, Extreme INT Super Janemba, Extreme PHY LSSJ Broly, Super PHY SSJ Goku, Super INT SSJR Future Trunks

The Conclusion – I definitely enjoy playing the Extreme Z Awakening mode because not only it’s my personal favorite mode in the game, but it’s also a positive step in the right direction for the future of Dokkan Battle.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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