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Ex God of War Devs Are Making a VR Game Titan Arena – Details Inside.

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( Titan Arena is a VR game being developed by two former God of War developers. The first-person shooter project is up on Kickstarter with details of gameplay, in-game characters, weapons, and rewards for the backers (people who support a game idea reach its funding goals).

For the project, developer Lightbound Studios is expecting to raise $30,000 through an online campaign. We have compiled a list of all the details and everything you need to know about the Titan Arena VR game.

What is Titan Arena?

Titan Arena is a first-person shooter game where players, as humans, fight against machines in an enclosed area. The fight takes place at different levels and in different crowd-filled arenas. Players can use many weapons against the giant machines and as they progress, they unlock new weapons, and the difficulty level goes up.

Which platforms does it support?

Game developer Lighbound studios confirmed that currently, the team is planning to release Titan Arena for three popular VR platforms. The platforms include Facebook-owned Oculus, Valve, and HTC’s Vive, and Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality.

How does the gameplay work?

Virtual reality sickness is one of the biggest challenges for VR game developers. VR sickness is caused by the sudden change in perception and its symptoms are similar to motion sickness. Players often feel a headache, discomfort, drowsiness etc.

In Titan Arena, strafing is the primary movement technique. Players can strafe, dash, climb, and turn in the game. By keeping the body’s natural movements in mind, Lightbound Studios has added the ability to use thumbstick through flicking and slow movements.

The game developer has introduced two enemy types Titans and Grunts. The studio has confirmed that they will be adding more enemies to the game before and after its release.

Titans are those giant robots that carry unique weapons and fighting abilities. Their sole ambition is to kill their human opponents. The first type of Titan comes equipped with laser power and can destroy anything that comes in its path. The second one is the heaviest of all. It releases a giant robotic weapon from the arm and uses its weight against the opponents to crush them. The third one is capable of flying and performs attacks when it’s up in the air. It can also release a stream of missiles that chase opponents and are enough to kill them.

With that said, there are small-sized enemies called Grunts. Seeing them around is fun, but each of them has unique powers. For example, drones work as the defensive system for the Titans. They can come in large numbers and shoot at enemies with their dual plasma guns.

Spiders work on the ground and attack their opponents using plasma cannon. If a player goes near to them, spiders are capable of performing physical attacks as well. Among the Grunts, there are suicide bombers known as bombs. These small drone bombs come and explode to cause massive damage. In the final game, you can expect to see more Grunts.

What weapons can you use in Titan Arena?

Game developer, Lightbound Studios has shared details of three weapons and is planning to add more. Tether is the most exciting among all as it can be used to hold objects and enemies to throw them at each other. Players can also use the tether to tear the enemies apart or to pull them and destroy. If you’ve seen Spiderman movies or have played some Spiderman games, tether works almost like the webs thrown by Spiderman. You can use this weapon to climb or hang onto the enemies.

The chaingun can be used to shoot enemies without having to reload the weapon too often. It has a high storage capacity and the bullets shot by chaingun can also reach a long distance. It can be helpful in fighting a group of grunts, especially drones. Plasma launcher uses the popular missile or rocket launcher mechanism, so all you have to do is to just aim and shoot. Use it to kill moving enemies, especially the flying drones and one of the elite Titans.

Lightbound Studios is making Titan Arena VR in Unity engine. The studio is also planning to release a beta for certain backers in early 2019. The developers have not shared any details about the game’s official release, so it’s safe to assume that for the Titan Arena release, we will have to wait at least till fall next year.

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