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Top Space Flight Simulators to Play While You Wait For Star Citizen.

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( Space flight simulators have been around for years. As the video game technology is getting better and more improved, realistic flight simulation games are allowing players to enjoy the life of pilots and astronauts in the virtual world. One such game Star Citizen is currently in development and nobody knows for sure when the game will be released. So while you wait for Star Citizen, here are the top space flight simulators that you can play right now.

Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is a well-designed space exploration game featuring stunning visuals, pleasant soundtrack, and fun combat system. If you have already played this game, the good news is that a sequel to the original game is coming and it’s called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. As we know that Star Citizen won’t come anytime before Q2 2019, the Rebel Galaxy sequel gives us hopes as it will be released in early 2019 for the PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

No Man’s Sky

After several updates, particularly the NEXT update, No Man’s Sky has truly become the game we wanted from Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games. With a bumpy start, this space exploration game is something you can never get tired of playing on PC and PS4. In Star Citizen, you will see many things that are similar to what No Man’s Sky gameplay features. Try it if you haven’t already.

FreeSpace 2

Freespace 2 is a beautifully designed sequel of the original FreeSpace game. The best thing about this sequel is that even its gameplay style is the same as the original game, the developers have added so much more in terms of gameplay mechanics and visuals to make it stand out. If you’re someone who likes space combat games, FreeSpace 2 is the game you should play.

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

The first game in the Independence War series was praised for its innovative gameplay and design. Edge of Chaos is set after the plot set by the original game. The game allows players to take the role of a pirate and explore the vast universe instead of limiting the gameplay to certain missions. The game is one of the most complex space flight simulators and it delivered the gameplay fans had been asking for.

3030 Deathwar

In 3030 Deathwar, the music and artwork are the real deal as they keep you entertained throughout the gameplay. The game’s story is pretty interesting and hunting down opponents is fun and doesn’t look repetitive. In short, if you are a fan of sandbox space games, 3030 Deathwar is a treat and worth playing.

EVE: Valkyrie

Eve: Valkyrie is a highly recommended game for those who love space flight simulators especially in VR. When you’re wearing the headset, the game makes you feel like you’re really flying through the space in your ship. The game certainly lacks customization options but in-game mechanics are a real treat and enough to keep players hooked for hours.


The free-to-play game Dreadnought is an action-packed team-based shooter. Unlike many other top space flight simulators available for PC and consoles, Dreadnought doesn’t ask you to put money here and there, since you can play the game for free. The developers aim to make money using a free-to-play model in which you can buy certain in-game items, and in this case, there are ships which you can purchase. The good thing is, the game has very little to sell. If you’re waiting for Star Citizen release but don’t want to put money on any other game, Dreadnought is the game we highly recommend.

Rogue System

If you’re into space flight simulators and space combat then this game is simply amazing. Rough System gives you a realistic feel of your surroundings. As you take the pilot’s chair and control a well-designed ship. The early access game features tutorials and helps you get familiar with the life in space, your ship, and controls you are going to use. The gameplay is challenging and graphics look polished.

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