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Sometimes the Rudest Gamers are Children.

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( Many of us try too sensor what our children watch on TV, and what they see on social media. It is important that their innocence, if we can help it, isn’t completely destroyed. Furthermore, we know that the world isn’t the safest place for children. Finding a safe place for children to come into themselves is very important.

Gaming is a culture and community that can be positive for children in certain spaces. However, the scariest things I’ve seen is sometimes the rudest gamers are minors. Its dangerous when adults have to try to navigate the online gaming community because there are children displaying behavior that seems liken to a disrespectful adult.

Sometimes parents are unaware of the fact that they may have a child playing Call of Duty or Smite using profane language and speaking in ways that is considered racist and sexist. It is important to make sure children understand speaking in this negative way is bad no matter the platform they are in. Gaming shouldn’t have to be a toxic community, but it can be quite often. It is always dangerous when children began to feel as though they can challenge adults in ways that are disrespectful. How can we better protect our children if they are, in part, the source of the hatred and foolishness we are seeing online in terms of gaming.

There have been instances whereby verbal confrontations on social media have transferred into real time. That is not something we want to see happen when a minor is threatening an adult that is unaware they ae being addressed by a child. Parents have to take a hands on approach to the situation. Censorship is not something many like to discuss regarding gaming. However, there are certain games that seem to invoke disrespectful banter in children such as Call of Duty. If you don’t feel the game is a problem for your child consider allowing them to play with adult supervision.

It is important to talk to our children about respecting themselves and others. They need to be aware that being 13 or 14 does not excuse one from verbal abuse…in person nor online. Just as children should not be bullied it is important for them to understand they don’t have a right to bully others and this includes adults. No one should have to be subjected to be profane racist, nor sexist commentary that includes children. I’ve seen parents get online and argue with other gamers on behalf of their children not realizing their kid was the problem…and sometimes the adult gamer is unaware that the instigator is your child.

Parents have to make sure their children are behaving in age appropriate manners, and that they are not online pretending to be an adult. Taking these precautions help to protect your child that is gaming online, and it protects others in the gaming community. Not holding your children accountable for this manner of negative behavior will enable them instead of teaching them how to properly interact with people.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Sometimes the Rudest Gamers are Children.”
  1. Black Gamer says:

    Yeah sister it’s getting ridiculous. Shameful what has become of todays youth. So much foul language when, I as a gamer wish to just chill & play a game or two.

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