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Several Characters That I Personally Would Like To See In Jump Force.

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( I saw the gameplay footage of Jump Force a while back and I was absolutely impressed with the gameplay footage that I saw. It looks like Jump Force will take manga variations of popular characters like Naruto and Luffy and put them in the game.

Here are several characters that I personally would like to see in Jump Force.

1. Vegeta – I have written several articles explaining why Vegeta is my favorite Dragon Ball character. He is without a shadow of a doubt one of anime’s greatest characters and for me personally, there can’t be no Jump Force without Vegeta because he brings a unique moveset to the game that’s much different than Goku’s in terms of using his own techniques like the Galick Gun and Final Flash than using techniques borrowed from outside sources like the Kamehameha and the Spirit Bomb. It would be an absolute travesty for the developers not to include Vegeta in this game.

2. Bakugo – I am a big fan of My Hero Academia and one of my favorite characters in that anime is named Bakugo because I see him as “The Vegeta of My Hero Academia” because he is very similar to Vegeta in several ways like

1) natural born geniuses

2) creating their own techniques

3) very prideful

4) despises help from others. Bakugo has a very powerful quirk which allows him the create massive explosions at one time that makes it difficult for his opponents to actually land any shots on him as shown at The U.A. High School Festival when Urakara had great difficulty even hitting him because of the multiple explosions that he created. Putting Bakugo in Jump Force will definitely spice up the roster and bringing his own unique fire quirk moveset into the game.

3. Tatsumaki aka Terrible Tornado – Tatsumaki from One Punch Man is my favorite female character from One Punch Man that should definitely be included in Jump Force because she has an amazing psychic like abilities such as using her mind to pick up big piles of rock and throwing them at her opponents or shooting a meteor to kill a big monster that dared to challenge her in an episode of The One Punch Man anime. She is definitely one of the most interesting characters that I feel should be included in Jump Force.

4. Nico Robin – Even though I don’t keep up with One Piece as much as I used to, but the one female character that I absolutely became a fan of is Nico Robin because she has a very unique ability from the devil fruit called “Hana Hana no Mi” which allows her to form multiple arms and hands against her opponents which makes it difficult for them to escape from let alone find an opening against her. So, putting Nico Robin in Jump Force is definitely a plus. If they don’t put her in, but instead put Nami in, I’m fine with that too because I like Nami.

5. Yusuke Urameshi – I remember being a big fan of Yu Yu Hakusho back in the day when Toonami was at It’s peak. I remember loving watching The Yu Yu Hakusho anime everyday that it came on Toonami and my favorite character from that anime was Yusuke Urameshi who is a young guy that was given a second chance at life after being killed in a horrible car accident. Yusuke would make a very good addition to Jump Force because he’s one of those characters that never backs down from nobody and plus he has a strong willpower as evidenced when he’s beaten badly by tougher opponents, he always gets back up and keeps on fighting. Yusuke is one of the most popular characters in anime/manga history.

The Conclusion – From looking at the gameplay footage, Jump Force definitely has the hype behind it and it remains to be seen if it can actually be better than J Stars in certain aspects of the game.

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    the 5 i want to see are one punch man pain fire fist ace mirio netreo from hunter x hunter

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