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Several Main Things That Bakugo And Vegeta Have In Common.

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( Bakugo from My Hero Academia is already one of the most popular upcoming characters in anime today, but unlike Bakugo, Vegeta is an legendary and iconic character that has been around for three decades now since debuting in a chapter of the Dragon Ball manga back in 1988.

Even though both train to be the absolute best that they want to be and are both natural born geniuses. Let’s be honest, in a one-on-one fight, Vegeta would instantly wipe the floor with Bakugo.

Here are top 5 main things that Bakugo and Vegeta have in common: 

1. Both Are Extremely Arrogant – If there’s one main thing that they both share, is that they are extremely arrogant. One example was when Vegeta deliberately allowed Cell to absorb Android #18 and reach his “Perfect” form to have a much better challenge and ended up getting squashed by “Perfect” Cell. One example from Bakugo is when he told everyone at The U.A. High School Festival that everyone else is beneath him and are just stepping stones in the way of his “greatness” which absolutely pissed off not only the other students at the festival, but especially his own classmates.

2. Both Hate Having Others Helping Them Or Having To Rely On Others To Assist Them In Their Battles – One example of this was from Bakugo when he told Deku, “I don’t need your stupid quirk to beat All-Might because I can take him down all by myself!!! Another example of this was from Vegeta when absolutely refused Kakarot’s help let alone take the Potara earrings from him when he told him when they were fighting against Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed), “I’ve traveled to The Other World and know all about your technique, your Super Saiyan 3 and the fact that you hid it from me during our battle. Don’t you understand my humiliation!!! Just stay away from me!!!”

3. Both Are Cold Towards Their Allies And Ruthless Towards Their Enemies – One example of this was from Bakugo when he often gives his classmates the cold shoulder and when fights so brutal and recklessly like in his first fight against Deku. Another example of this was from Vegeta was when he was extremely cold towards his son Future Trunks to the point of refusing to acknowledge the fact that Trunks is his son until “Perfect” Cell returned to Earth and killed Trunks via death beam and this sent Vegeta into a Rage by immediately attacking Cell with energy blasts, but Cell swatted Vegeta as if he was an annoying fly. Unlike Kakarot, Vegeta’s aggressive and remorseless towards his enemies especially when he told Golden Frieza during “The Resurrection F” Arc, “You of all people should know this about me, but I don’t share Kakarot’s taste for forgiveness. I’m sending you back to Hell!!!”

4. Both Train To Be The Best That They Could Be – Both Bakugo and Vegeta love to get stronger, so to further progress in their physical development to get stronger, they often train. But the difference between Bakugo and Vegeta’s training is that even though Bakugo trains alone, Vegeta on the other hand used to mostly train alone during The DBZ era and in the early parts of Dragon Ball Super, but since that time, he’s now reached higher levels of power because of his training with Beerus and Whis.

5. Both Are Natural Born Geniuses – Both of them are naturally gifted in their abilities because they are not only talented in superior tactical combat analysis of their opponents in battle, but both of them are also adept in creating their own moves instead of using borrowed moves from outside sources like Deku with the One-For-All and Kakarot with the Kaioken, Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, Solar Flare, Destructo-Disc, and The Evil Containment Technique.

The Conclusion – Even though Bakugo has become one of the most popular anime characters today, he still has a long way to go in terms of maturity and character development because Vegeta has gotten both of those things over the course of The Dragon Ball continuity.

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