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Several Popular Characters That Were Buried In Dragon Ball Super.

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( Dragon Ball Super has a lot of highs like Vegeta going Ultra Super Saiyan Blue against Jiren and lows like Piccolo being eliminated from The Tournament Of Power Arc by slipping in the anime and quickly by bugs in the manga. We also got to see how certain characters we grew up watching as young kids were buried in either the anime or manga version of Dragon Ball Super.

Here are top 5 characters that were buried in Dragon Ball Super.

1. Gohan – Back during The DBZ Era, Gohan was actually one of my favorite characters because he not only didn’t wanna be the fight prone person than his father is, but he became a scholar and a better dad to his daughter Pan than his own father was to him. In DBZ, he had some of his best moments like buying his dad some time to recover against Full Power Frieza on Namek to saving the world in defeating Cell thanks to an assist from Vegeta and returning to Earth and literally foddering Super Buu briefly as Ultimate Gohan.

In Dragon Ball Super, we see more of him being the scholar and father that his mother Chi-Chi wanted him to be and during The Battle Of Gods Arc, we got to see not only a more watered down version of Gohan, but we get to see the burials of him by first not being able to put a dent in Universe 7’s God Of Destruction, Beerus. The next burial would be not being able to put a dent in notorious anti-Saiyan tyrant known as Frieza that would shoot Gohan down to the ground with his iconic Death Beam attack, almost killing him until his dad and Vegeta showed up.

The next burials would be The Universe 6 Arc where he was deliberately replaced by Fat Buu and the explanation they provide for that is “he had to study”. And then in The Future Trunks Arc, he sits down with Future Trunks and eats some ice cream with him and go back to his studies. Then he was mostly absent from that arc and then he had his Great Saiyaman moment during the filler episodes that weren’t anything special. Then when The Tournament Of Power Arc comes up, he trains with his surrogate father Piccolo in which he taps back into Ultimate Gohan again and then challenges his father in which they exchange fists and ki blasts that causes his father to transform to Super Saiyan Blue and then to Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken which was one of my favorite episodes from the arc.

And then we get to see Gohan later on in the arc fighting jobbers mostly until he decided to help Frieza against an extremely fast opponent in Dyspo of Universe 11’s Pride Troopers and then Gohan managed to catch Dyspo with Frieza launching a ki blast that eliminated both of them and this controversial elimination which was clearly another burial of Gohan angered many including myself in The Dragon Ball fandom community.

2. Piccolo – Piccolo was a vicious and ruthless heel in Dragon Ball that wanted revenge against Goku for killing his father King Piccolo years earlier and almost defeated him at the world tournament at the end of Dragon Ball and then in Z he later fights in tougher battles with Raditz & Nappa before saving Gohan from a blast Nappa had fired at him. Then in The Namek and Androids Arcs, he fights against Frieza, Android 17, and Cell. In The Majin Buu Arc, he basically does nothing pretty much. His fight against Android 17 was definitely one of my top 5 favorite fights from The DBZ Era.

In Dragon Ball Super, we also saw the numerous burials of Piccolo in many ways for example, in The Universe 6 Arc against Frost, he was blocking Frosts attacks while charging up his Special Beam Cannon until Frost hit him with a poison needle and then eliminating him in a controversial fashion. Then the next burial came first during the anime version of The Tournament Of Power Arc where he was “eliminated” by slipping off of the stage which left a bad taste in my mouth. Then in the manga, he was quickly eliminated by being knocked off the stage by Universe 4’s little bugs which pissed off many in The Dragon Ball fandom community that saw it as another burial of a legendary character like Piccolo.

3. Hit (manga) – In The Universe 6 Arc, Hit is introduced as The Legendary Assassin Of Universe 6 and we get to see him using time skip to strike a very worn out Vegeta and then Goku so quickly that Goku went Super Saiyan God first in the manga and then Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken to actually keep up with him in the end and Hit adapted to this and became more stronger as the fight progressed and eventually winning after Goku forfeited the fight due to the negative side effects caused by the Kaioken he used while in Super Saiyan Blue. In the manga version of The Tournament Of Power, he was heavily buried by being in the arc for only two chapters just to be used as a plot device to put Jiren over by having Hit eliminated so quickly by Jiren only after two chapters of being in the arc really angered many in the Dragon Ball fandom community including myself. His was buried in the manga version of The Tournament Of Power much worse than the anime.

4. Goten and Trunks – These two had their fare share of decent moments during The DBZ Era like fusing into a very powerful Gotenks for the first time to instantly going Super Saiyan 3 in The Hyperbolic Time Chamber which was clearly an asspull. In Dragon Ball Super, we saw the two get buried by being instantly beat down by Beerus to being defeated by a copy Vegeta during a meaningless filler arc to being completely excluded from The Tournament Of Power Arc in the anime and the manga. It’s really sad how they got heavily buried in Dragon Ball Super.

5. Zamasu (anime) – Zamasu was at the time of The Future Trunks Arc to be the biggest threat in the multiverse and when Goku Black and Merged Zamasu fused in the anime, Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta we’re completely fodderized by Merged Zamasu and then when Merged Zamasu tries to finish off the mortals with his ultimate death ball attack, it was repelled by Vegeta and Trunks’s father-son Galick gun which was one of my favorite moments from the arc.

Here’s where Zamasu gets buried: when he and Goku have a beam struggle and Goku somehow manages to push Merged Zamasu’s death ball back which was not only an asspull, this is one of the numerous burials and now the next one happens when after Zamasu fused with the entire universe after being sliced in half by Future Trunks, he gets completely wiped out by The Future Zeno King and I along with many in the Dragon Ball fandom community did not like this. Merged Zamasu was much more dangerous, savage, ruthless, vicious, and downright cold blooded in the manga than he was in the anime.

The Conclusion – One of the ways Dragon Ball Super would’ve been great if they didn’t focus so much on burying popular characters as they mostly focused on Goku and Vegeta throughout the Dragon Ball Super anime.

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