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My Least Favorite Super Saiyan Transformation: The Super Saiyan 3.

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( Ever since I first saw The Super Saiyan 3 transformation during The Buu Saga in The DBZ Era. I remember definitely not feeling this new Super Saiyan transformation at all because of legitimate issues that I have with it.

The Super Saiyan 3 wasn’t created by Akira Toriyama to actually win, it was basically created to stall. The Super Saiyan 3 has been heavily buried in favor of Super Saiyan Red, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken, and Ultra Super Saiyan Blue (Vegeta).

Here are the top 5 reasons as to why Super Saiyan 3 is my least favorite Super Saiyan transformation.

1. It’s Too Creepy – I remember when The Circus Clown transformed into the Super Saiyan 3 for the first time, I actually freaked out by seeing the pupils and the fact that the form removed the famous golden yellow eyebrows and the extremely long hair was definitely annoying to me. I absolutely hated the Super Saiyan 3 upon seeing that because it just didn’t look right without the eyebrows with the annoying extremely long hair.

2. It Has No Significant Wins – Unlike the other Super Saiyan forms in the main Dragon Ball continuity, The Super Saiyan 3 has no real significant victories in the Dragon Ball continuity. The Super Saiyan 3 was truly tested against Kid Buu in a failing effort, and it was squashed by Super Janemba in the “Fusion Reborn” film and by Beerus in “The Battle Of Gods” arc.

3. The Stamina Issues – One of the main reasons as to why I greatly dislike Super Saiyan 3 very much has to do with the fact that like Super Saiyan Blue after it, the Super Saiyan 3 severely drains stamina as seen in the fight against Kid Buu where Kakarot had immediately went back to his base form after fighting against Kid Buu for a certain amount of time and also reverting back to his base form after Super Janemba became the first unlike Future Trunks to actually slice him out of a Super Saiyan transformation with this being Super Saiyan 3 in the “Fusion Reborn” film.

4. The Form Can’t Be Maintained For Long – We have seen several instances where the Super Saiyan 3 can’t be maintained for too long like against Kid Buu, Super Janemba, and even against Beerus. The form is just not that good to sustain for much longer fights against much tougher opponents like Beerus.

5. Even A Fusion Can’t Maintain The Form For Long – We remember seeing how Gotenks easily transformed into the Super Saiyan 3 after Goten and Kid Trunks saw Kakarot transform into it at Kami’s lookout. Gotenks’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation was definitely one of the biggest asspulls of The DBZ Era. We saw how instead of defeating Super Buu, he toyed around with him especially while he was Super Saiyan 3 and surprisingly, he couldn’t maintain that form for long because it also severely drained his stamina and shortened the Fusion time.

The Conclusion – Even though The Super Saiyan 3 is still somewhat popular among some fans, but my two favorite all-time Super Saiyan transformations will always be Vegeta’s very first one at the dark planet during The DBZ Era and Vegeta’s transformation into Ultra Super Saiyan Blue against Jiren during the peak of The Tournament Of Power in The Dragon Ball Super anime.

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