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Several Things That I Would Like To See & Don’t Want To See For The Upcoming Dragon Ball Super Film “Broly”.

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( Recently, the first official trailer for the new Dragon Ball Super movie came out and it has the entire Dragon Ball fandom talking and I actually enjoyed seeing that small trailer of a particular shot of the new Saiyan that’s gonna be the main antagonist of the film.

Here are things that I like to see and don’t want to see for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film recently entitled “Broly”.

1. Don’t Want To See – Ultra Instinct – It was recently revealed in the last episode of Dragon Ball Super by Kakarot that he can’t tap into Ultra Instinct because he actually achieved the form by accident when he was pushed to his limit against Jiren in The Tournament Of Power. For me personally, to to actually bring back Ultra Instinct for the upcoming film will be very detrimental for the film.

2. Like To See – An Impactful Antagonist – Let’s be honest, the last impactful antagonist that we actually saw was actually Goku Black/Zamasu because they wanted to rid themselves of mortals so that they could create a new world in which only the supreme beings like them would rule and their ideas about mortals and everything else were distorted and twisted and they were vicious and merciless towards their enemies, including the gods they killed in their time period. This new Saiyan antagonist should not be friendly to Kakarot at all, he should be ruthless and vicious in carrying out his own personal agenda.

3. Like To See – Actually Explaining Things – The Dragon Ball Super anime did a very poor job in actually explaining things like for example in “The Future Trunks Arc” there were certain concepts that were introduced that weren’t even explained like Future Trunks’ transformed into the new Super Saiyan Rage form and got absolutely no explanation as to how powerful the form actually is or what the form actually does in terms of utilization. This upcoming film should do a much better job in explaining things so that they would actually make sense.

4. Don’t Want To See – The Oversaturation Of Kakarot – One of the biggest issues that I had with the anime version of The Tournament Of Power was the fact that Kakarot was constantly forced and shoved down our throats not just throughout the Dragon Ball Super anime, but especially in The Tournament Of Power. This film definitely needs to put the focus on other characters like the new Saiyan antagonist and especially my favorite Dragon Ball character, Vegeta.

5. Like To See – The Reutilization Of Old Super Saiyan Transformations – In The Tournament Of Power, we very rarely got to see the other Super Saiyan transformations because the writers had put way too much emphasis on Super Saiyan Blue which actually led to the transformation being way too oversaturated, so I personally wanna see the old Super Saiyan transformations like 1 & 2 be used more before tapping into Super Saiyan Blue in the upcoming film.

The Conclusion – With all the hype surrounding this upcoming Dragon Ball Super film, I definitely hope that the writers will finally correct the many mistakes that were clearly prevalent in The Dragon Ball Super anime.

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