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Several Things That I Like About My Hero Academia.

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( I am a big fan of the popular anime series called “My Hero Academia” That basically follows the story of a young boy named Izuku Midoriya aka Deku that looked up to the then-#1 hero in All-Might who was once discriminated against by his peers because he was quirkless, but his life forever changes once he met his idol All-Might.

I written a previous article revealing that My Hero Academia is one of my top 2 favorite all-time anime along with Gundam for reasons that I will explain in this article.

Here are several things that I like about My Hero Academia;

1. Amazing Fights – One of the things that I truly enjoy most about My Hero Academia is the amazing fights that were so intense that they kept you watching on the edge of your seats. These fight scenes were well written, well choreographed, and well executed by the animators and the writers of the series. My favorite fights so far in My Hero Academia are All-Might vs All-For-One, Deku, Todoroki, & Iida vs Stain, and Bakugo vs Todoroki at The UA High School Festival. 

2. Focuses On More Than One Character – One of the Issues that I currently have with many anime and in particular Dragon Ball Z/Super is that it focused way too much on Goku & Vegeta to the point of the other popular Dragon Ball characters such as Gohan and Piccolo getting pushed to the side. With My Hero Academia however, it focuses on not just Deku, but all the other popular characters like Bakugo, Todoroki, Urakara. We see many different types of characters and personalities that makes this show amazing for me to watch personally because it would’ve been boring seeing characters with the same personalities.

3. Better Character Development – Another thing that I definitely like about My Hero Academia is that we see a lot of character development especially from main characters like Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki. For example, Deku at first was just a quirkless boy who often got picked on by his peers in the first season, but during the second and current seasons however, we get to see more character development coming from Deku as he trains with people like All-Might and Gran Torino so that he can control his quirking abilities even more better and plus he also copied moves that other characters like Bakugo are known to do as seen when Deku did the Bakugo like high jumps during the exams in the second season.

4. Very Good Comedy – I absolutely have a good sense of humor and plus I love to laugh. My Hero Academia has produced some of the most amazing comedy scenes and one of them actually happened most recently when Mai Hatsume was on top of Deku that made him freak out so much when he looked at Hatsume’s bust-line, his eyes were like 👀 and I absolutely laughed so hard at how he reacted to seeing Hatsume on top of him. It was so comically funny to enjoy watching.

5. Interesting Characters – One of the other main things that I enjoy most about My Hero Academia is that they have a batch of interesting characters that I actually like a lot, even if certain villains’ views about society and heroes are skewed and twisted like Tomura Shigaraki and Stain and even heroes like All-Might who believe that it’s always a hero’s job to not only protect people, but to also protect the things that they cherish most in life. These characters are the most interesting to me because they add a lot of depth and intrigue to the main storyline of My Hero Academia.

The Conclusion – As hot as My Hero Academia is right now in Japan and here in The U.S., I would not be surprised if it becomes the most popular anime in The U.S in a few years.

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