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Three Major Pros That Make Outriders Worth Playing in 2023.

( A while back, my brother wrote about the improvements that People Can Fly made to Outriders, which dropped in April 2021. I started playing Outriders earlier in November 2023—late to the game, obviously. At least I feel I was very late as there things about the game that let you know that a lot of the player base has likely moved on after finishing it.

Let’s look at the three pros of the game that I’ve noticed in playing with fellow writer, Tardell Swift. Note, I’m in my third character playthrough using a trickster again. My second playthrough was with the devastator.

Three Major Pros That Make Outriders Worth Playing in 2023.

Class-based Replay is Encouraged in Outriders

The game has four classes to choose from: technomancer, pyromancer, devastator, and trickster. I’ve yet to play with the technomancer and pyromancer even though they’re more range-oriented classes who are effective at a long range. I’m big on stealthy, melee-oriented, damage-dealing classes in games. Maybe they can fight at longer range if necessary but melee and damage-dealers are meant to be in the action.

I’m sure I’ll play with them eventually but as mentioned my focus has been on tricksters and devastators. After playing with the devastator—which is a tank, basically—I had the confidence to really give the trickster a try from scratch.

Yeah, I still had a trickster but when you learn more about builds and allocating points, you kind of want to do it again from scratch. You know, do it right from the start. In my current third playthrough, I’m building my character around certain gear attributes and focusing more on using anomaly power than pure firepower and it’s making for a trickster that is different from my original.

On that note, I also have more experience and confidence in combat so I’m playing differently.

Mods, Mods, and More Mods!

The mods system in this game is amazing. It’s not unusual for someone to eventually use all the mods only for these mods to seem new in different playthroughs. That’s because some mods are better suited for certain class builds. Whatever direction you’re taking your Outrider, there’s a mod for that and a skill combination for it.

The first tier of mods are all related to your class’ anomaly skills while the second tier contains utility perks. Your bullets can inflict elemental or anomaly damage, drain more health, give you defensive abilities, and improve survivability in firefights. The third tier is a mix of improved versions of the first two tiers and what you want to get to.

Those mods tend to drop in legendary—yellow—tier gear. Mods are found on gear which can be dismantled to obtain the mod which can then be applied to other gear while crafting. Also worth noting is that each piece of gear either bolsters your armor or firepower and come with three random stats that will improve—or harm—your character’s stats.

So, if your class is meant to fight close range and gets health back from close-range kills, a piece of gear that improves long-range might not be that useful. However, you’re free to use any stat combination you wish. You just have to develop a play style you’re comfortable with.

It’s a dope system.

Loot Galore

One thing that hurt Outriders is that it can be viewed as a third-person version of Destiny 2, a particularly popular looter shooter. Loot plays a major role in Outriders as it all factors into your character’s survivability and combat effectiveness. Gear always contains attribute bonuses and mods that will improve your Outrider and their skills.

So, heading to the market to get better hear, finding loot in sh** boxes or as drops from enemies is always a joy—until you actually get to look at it and it has a stat combination and figure “Ehh, I can scrap this.” Scrapping gear not only gives you mods but also resources for crafting. So, it’s a good idea to scrap purple- tier and above gear you don’t need and sell off everything blue tier and below.

Something to note about crafting: in the case of purple-tier gear, you have slots for two mods. If you modify one slot, the other will be locked. It’s a bit restrictive but it forces the player to commit to the weapon for a period—although better gear will always drop.

On that note, it’s best to really look at the gear to see if it’s worth scrapping or wearing to replace your present gear. Often you’d have gear that has been working for you and you just set about improving it. You might play in a way that you can sacrifice improved armor just to keep a piece of gear that has the perfect combo of mods and stats.

With that said, yellow-tier gear comes with three slots and two are locked if you modify one. It makes crafting more important and strategic in nature since you have to really think about improvements. As a result, it’s not unusual to be based a camp for an extended period while others get their crafting in.

If you’ve played Outriders or currently play, what are your three pros from the game? Let us know in the comments.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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