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5 Post-Apocalyptic TV Shows That Netflix Could Salvage.

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( “Post-apocalypse” is my favorite genre of fiction. Fallout is in my top three favorite game franchises and Mad Max is one of my favorite film franchises. On television, there are plenty sci-fi shows that fit the bill but ended up getting cut short or ending on a whimper.

Let’s look at five post-apocalypse series that should get either a reboot or a revival on Netflix.


This was an NBC series that aired between 2012 and 2014 for two seasons. I didn’t catch it in its first run but after checking it out on Netflix, I was very impressed by the world building and acting by everyone involved.

Sure, I didn’t care for main character Charlie Matheson at first and her mother Rachel was just…an asshole, the actresses played both very well.

The TLDR of the story is that there was a technological apocalypse in 2012 and the U.S has ended up in this post-technology state where there are basically warlords and territories instead of a United States.

In the series, we have the adventures of Charlie, her uncle Miles, and others in their tight group as they flee the Monroe Militia which owns a territory that includes Kentucky and the Carolinas.

If this was on Netflix or SyFy Channel, I truly believe it could’ve made it to at least four seasons. NBC is just not the best network to run a sci-fi show on and expect it to get strong ratings for 20-plus weeks.

Into the Badlands

We discussed Into the Badlands before in a previous article, so it doesn’t need any introduction or refresher. This AMV series was well-received in its first and second season. It was must-watch television every Sunday and it seemed like a show that would be around for a good run.

Then we all got the news that AMC wouldn’t be continuing it. For real, it just seemed to go out of left field considering how amazing and stylish this show was with set designs and fight scenes. Plus, there was some interesting world building going on here.

Of the shows on this list, this is the one most deserving of a Netflix revival as it fits the more mature direction of the service’s original series.



This was show that shares the same writer as Revolution in Rockne S. O’Bannon. Defiance takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the town of Defiance where humans and aliens kind of co-exist.

The hostile Volge makes it easy for the humans and the Votan to work together as they involved during a war between humans and the Votan.

It seems like it’s just going to be an alien war when you look at a synopsis but this show is actually something of a sci-Western with procedural drama and political drama mixed in. There is a lot going on in these three seasons.

Defiance also had an MMO that was supposed to mix with and influence the events of the television show. Admittedly that game was extremely fun until it just became grind-y.

I’ll admit this would be an odd fit for Netflix. It wasn’t exactly a mature show at all and it’s pretty hard to describe overall.


I admit that Jericho was an awesome series that I slept on at first. This is purely because it was on CBS and the network just had a reputation as an old folks’ network throughout the 2000s.

However, after watching it on Netflix, I can honestly say that CBS dropped the ball on this one. The writing and world building are so good and it was done without a sci-fi influence. It was just straight up “humans fighting against humans for resources” in nature.

There was a larger story to unfold in the series but a large focus was around the town Jericho trying to keep it together as supplies run out, every day convenience is a luxury, and the military flexing its power are problems.

Is it a fit for Netflix? Probably if it was rebooted and made darker or something. Jericho was a show that really sat in the middle of being dark and being safe viewing.

Falling Skies

TNT either loves Noah Wilde or he has a contract where he does television show for them. Before I saw him in the long running Librarian franchise of TV shows and TV movies, Falling Skies was my introduction.

Basically, aliens almost clap Earth into oblivion and take it over. There are still pockets of humanity left and they are constantly at war or trying to survive against the aliens and their robots.

You have the common problems of post-apoc series such as conflicts with other humans and the breakdown of a group as resources become an issue and leadership is questioned.

The main thing I love about this show is that the story progressed steadily and each season was consistently enjoyable. There were no seasons that I hated or felt was “alright”.

As for it being Netflix material, I don’t know. It had a good five season run and it only had a little more bite than Jericho which was pretty safe for network television.

What are some sci-fi or post-apocalypse-themed shows you’d like to see get the revival or reboot treatment? Let us know down below!

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