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Why Is Destiny 2 Still Relevant In 2021?

( Destiny 2 is developed and published by Bungie. It is an open world first person shooting game that has many MMO elements to it. The first Destiny was released in 2014 to pretty polarizing reviews. On one side, people loved the setting, story, and gameplay. However, on the other, people hated the loot circle, repetitive activities, and lack of constant content.

Almost eight years later, the game has changed management, went from having a publisher to being self-published, and many different seasonal models. When many people hear about Destiny 2, they ask, “Do people still play that game?”

True, it is not as popular as it once was in the media, but the fanbase is consistent and they always give those that stick around a reason to keep playing and new players the promise of something that they will love.

Destiny 2

Although the player count usually go up and down throughout the year, with spikes around the release of the new seasons and drops for two or three months after the season drop, Destiny 2 still consistently rank in the top 10 of the Steam charts.

There is usually new content being added throughout the seasons that try to keep players active and engaged. For new players, there is a free to play model to try to get players hooked and try to push them to buy the expansions of Destiny 2 at full price which could be anywhere from $30 to $60.

Bungie recently reached a deal with Microsoft to be part of its Game Pass service where for the monthly price of Game Pass, you can play Destiny 2 and all of its expansions including the recent Beyond Light expansions that dropped on the same day that Xbox Series X came out on.

The Appeal of Destiny 2

Ask different fans of Destiny 2 why they love the game and you will hear many different reasons. Some will say that the story, which has been going strong since 2014, is the best part of the game. As an ELITE HUNTER since the game first came out and someone who has easily sunk over 1000 hours into the game, I can say that the story is alright, even though at points things may not make sense or be linked to the overall story being told at the moment.

Some people may say they like the loot and gameplay loop. I say that those are fine. There is nothing wrong with them but they don’t stand out as highlights in my eyes. Playing the same set of 4 or 5 activities over and over with the hope of getting the god roll on weapons and armor.

For me, the best part of Destiny 2 is the polished gameplay. Say what you want about the content, loot, and direction of the game but the gameplay is consistently some of the best of any game and it very rarely get to a point where it is not fun. It is the perfect balance of being challenging for those who want that and accessible to those who don’t want the challenge.

So, what is the reason that you guys still play Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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