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7 More Martial Arts Manga to Check Out.

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( I love martial arts manga and manhua as we’ve established. While there are a lot of manga out there about martial arts, the South Korea and Chinese martial arts manhua/manhwa are a different beast. Let’s look at seven more martial arts manga (or manhua/manhwa) to check out!

Dragon Prince Yuan (written by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, art Dr. Daji)

If you enjoyed Battle Through the Heavens, you might be able to get into Dragon Prince Yuan. It follows a young martial artist named Zhou Yuan who is a prodigy before the events of the manhua. His accelerated powers—granted by the Sacred Dragon of the Zhou family—were taken from him. The Sacred Dragon gives the bearer an excess amount of Dragon Qi and helps greatly in training and ascending to higher levels.

His adventures are about him correcting wrongs committed towards his family, establishing the family’s power, and growing his own abilities. The standout performance in this series is really Dr. Daji’s artwork but the story is also worth reading.

Strongest Leveling (Zhang Yue, Bu Jing Wen Ha)

Zhao Fang is a gamer from the present day who plays so many games that he is eventually sucked into a wuxia world. As an isekai (another world) series, he is given a cheat to help him survive. In these series, cheats are usually something with a video game-like interface that allows for the main character to become more power by completing quest, applying points, or using absorbing items as opposed to the cultivation of other ancient martial arts series.

This one is no different and pretty much follows the same progression and tropes. That said, I have a weak spot for overpowered protagonists and this one is decently written with good artwork. While the writing is very “been there, done that” the progression of the hero is really good—because it’s hard to mess up the progress of an OP isekai hero.

It’s not even 30 episodes/chapters in so now is a great time to check it out and catch up.

Strongest Cultivation System (Maple Leaf, Chaoyu Animation)

What we have here is one of those modern martial arts series. It’s ancient martial arts with qi manipulation, construct/physical weapons, and martial arts society. The added twist is the system from the isekai genre. I’ve seen this theme in other modern series and it varies on how well it is mixed in.

Han Hao has his eyes on an attractive young woman and has pretty much dedicated himself to winning her over. It turns out she’s playing him for a gang boss and he ends up getting beaten up. The system accepts him and powers the young man up. Han Hao is now able to exact revenge and raise his status in the world beyond being pushed around by those with more power and money.

I rock with Strongest Cultivation System. I’m telling you now: when you read several of the titles on this list, you’ll come across “revenge from being picked on” as that first real flex of their new abilities. Also, they always get in good with an influential family who will spare no expense to help them. As a bonus, the series is fairly new and not even at 20 chapters yet.

Karate Baka Isekai (Terui Eito, D.P)

I discovered this one not too long ago. I’d gotten so into reading the full-color manhua and manhwa series that it takes a while to get back around to manga. In this one, a karateka is transported to another world. Before his death by Truck-kun (another isekai trope where the main character is usually killed by a vehicle), he traveled the world testing out the limits of his karate skills.

This guy is different from other main characters in that he doesn’t have a name—at least it hasn’t been mentioned yet—and is just called “Planewalker.” Also, this hero is jacked. There’s no scrawny guy who becomes powerful. This guy is so strong that when he is transported to another world, he refuses the goddess’ gift of a cheat. He’s beating dragons and full armored knights with karate! I love this series.

Another young series, I think it hasn’t even reached 10 chapters yet! You can take this out in a sitting.

Red Storm (Noh Cyungchan, Ahm Hyun)

This is a series for all you Peerless Dad fans out there—like yours truly. Red Storm isn’t a sequel, it’s more of a dedicated spinoff. After the head of the Heavenly Demon Sect (from Peerless Dad), Chun Myung Hoon (AKA Noya) dies, he is reincarnated in another world.

He travels the Red Desert for a bit until a young kid helps him to civilization. Chun lives in or near the young kid’s village and serves as a mentor and martial arts senior of the youngster, named Yulian Provoke.

The story isn’t even about Noya—who was an important side character in Peerless Dad—it’s about Yulian growing up, undergoing his rite of passage, and becoming a might warrior for his tribe. As the story goes on, the Red Storm becomes a threat resulting in Yulian and others stepping up to the challenge.

Red Storm’s storytelling and pace is similar to Peerless Dad while the art is handled by Ahm Hyun. It’s a great team. I don’t know if I put it against the team of Noh and Lee but I do like the design of the characters and I love the fight scenes.

It’s worth reading if you like Peerless Dad but it’s unnecessary to read that before reading this one.

I Was Trash (Second Floor Execution Elder, San H)

Lin Mu was a college student who was looked down on for mediocre grades, meek, and just being mediocre at best. Since he didn’t really stand out anything, he was referred to as “trash.” His engagement isn’t great as his fiancée despises him and his family looks down on him.

Lin Mu gets a massive come up after surviving a murder attempt by his uncle. A powerful cultivator (a martial artist who strengthens their qi/ki/chi) named Cang Kun Zi dies at the same time and is reincarnated into Lin Mu’s body. While acclimating to the modern era, he raises Li Mu’s status in society by making connections and fighting the enemies of his allies.

Another isekai martial arts series only there’s no cheat system. Just a below average guy becoming far more powerful thanks to the soul of an ancient martial artist. It took me a while to actually rock with the art style. It isn’t awful but it doesn’t wow me. The story is stock but it’s a good kind of stock.

You would’ve read this same story several times from different writers but the execution is tight.

The Descent of the Demonic Master (Wolbaek, Mayolang)

This is the last isekai series on the list and it’s a great one. Kang Jinho reincarnated twice. The first time, he survived a car accident that killed his parents and sister. Left disabled after losing his legs in the accident, he was treated poorly and pretty much forgotten. As a result, he took his life only to be reincarnated in a world of martial arts and magic.

The story picks up with the last day of his first incarnation. He is the leader of an evil or dark martial arts sect who is killed by his friends for gaining too much power and wanting to spread the sect’s arts to commoners. When he reincarnates, it’s to a time before the car accident in his first life.

With a significant amount of his power available to him, he is stronger than the average human being. He takes this third chance at life and his powers with the aim of doing better by himself and his family. As you probably guessed: yes, he becomes more powerful and yes, he generates wealth rapidly by using his powers.

He also battles with his previous incarnation about what kind of person he will be in this world: a violent martial lord who dominates others or one who uses his skills to help those close to him and dominate those who harm his loved ones.

That said, this is a very well-written story with great artwork.

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