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My Top 5 Personal Favorite Video Games Ever.

( I have played over 100+ games during my lifetime with plenty of good ones like Sonic & Knuckles, Tecmo Super Bowl (NES Version), & Killer Instinct (SNES Version) and even plenty of very bad ones like Chaos In The Windy City, NBA Hangtime, and DBGT Final Bout.

I have written many articles about video games, but this one is very special to me because I get to talk about my top 5 personal favorite video games ever.

Without further ado, here’s my top 5 personal favorite video games ever.

Super Mario 3 – I remember coming home from school back in the day and the first thing that I wanted to do was play Mario and I would more often than not play Super Mario 3 because unlike it’s two previous iterations, you can actually collect and store certain weapons like starman and the fire flower and powerup suits like flying cape suit and rare ones such as the frog suit and the hammerman suit. Another thing that I loved about this game was the fact that this became the first Mario game in which you could run and jump to fly in the air for a little while to either get around to the later portions of the stages, coins, or to get to what they refer to as “bonus tubes” where you can get coins and on rare occasions a powerup like a mushroom, fire flower, or the flying cape suit. My favorite world in this game was Ice World aka World 6 because the stages were so beautiful and plus you had to make sure that you maintain traction on the slippery ice blocks because if you didn’t, you would lose a life and that’s a not-so-good feeling. This game will always be not only my favorite Mario game, but my favorite video game ever. 

Streets Of Rage 2 – I remember often playing this game when I was younger and my favorite character to play from this game was a black character Skate who was the younger brother of the protagonist from the previous game in the other black character in Adam. Even though Skate didn’t hit the hardest, he made up for it with his amazing speed on the rollerblades. I would not only beating down the baddies with Skate, but I enjoyed seeing him jump behind an opponent and keep hitting him on the head until he/she died. I loved doing that move on Becky the most in that game. The cool thing about this game was that unlike the first Streets Of Rage game, each character has their own Super Attacks that deals heavy damage to their opponent by pressing the A button on the old Sega Genesis joysticks, but the drawback of using Super Attacks is that you lose some health. This game is one of the most iconic legendary video games of all time. 

Sonic 2 – This is actually my favorite Sonic game because it not only had a new character in Tails, but the stages were so detailed and looked absolutely amazing. I loved running straight through the enemies as well as running through those loops to get rings, defeating more enemies, or progressing further in the stages. I had a record in my family for the most rings in a Sonic stage with over 400 in the Casino Night Zone in this game until my youngest brother broke that record many years ago with over 500 rings in Sonic Adventure for The Game Boy Advance. 

Goldeneye 007 – I remember during my early teenage years, I would literally play this game so often on some of the weekends that I came over to my dad’s house. The gameplay and graphics in this game were top notch as well as The beautifully detailed designs of the stages in which my favorite stage in this game was the bonus Egyptian stage where the pyramids looked so beautiful. There were so many weapons to choose in the game from 007’s favorite weapon in the silencer PP7 to my favorite weapon in the game in the AK-47 commonly known in the streets as “the chopper”. The one weapon I hated most in this game was the golden gun because even though it’s the most powerful weapon in The 007 universe, but the fact is that it had only 1 bullet which can automatically kill the most powerful of enemies in The 007 Universe in Jaws. This will always be my favorite first person shooter video game.

Streets Of Rage 4 – This game is my favorite modern day video game. The developers at Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games not only honored and respected the past gameplay of The Original Streets Of Rage games, but greatly rewards much older Streets Of Rage fans like myself for being a Streets Of Rage fan by allowing the older Streets Of Rage fans to relive past classic Streets Of Rage stages by grabbing a taser in Stage 4, then going into the arcade room and zap it which takes you back to The Classic Stage 1 from Streets Of Rage 2. You can also unlock characters from The Original Streets Of Rage Games like Adam Hunter in Streets Of Rage, Eddie “Skate” Hunter in Streets Of Rage 2, & Shiva from Streets Of Rage 3 which is absolutely amazing.

The gameplay and the graphics are absolutely fluid, phenomenal, and spectacular. The final boss fight in Stage 12 of Streets Of Rage 4 is significantly more intense and tougher than the one against Shiva from Streets Of Rage 2 because unlike The Streets Of Rage 2 Final Boss Fight, The Streets Of Rage 4 Final Boss Fight has you going up against the main antagonists for the game in The Y Twins which are the son and daughter of The Notorious Mr. X from The Original Streets Of Rage games. You have to fight both of The Y Twins at the same time because one twin is fighting you on the ground and the other one is fighting you on a gigantic robotic spider that can kill you quickly if you’re not careful. The Final Boss Fight Theme in Streets Of Rage 4 called “Next Of Kin Showdown” is absolutely badass and sick which easily makes it my favorite track from this game and definitely better than The Final Boss Fight themes from The Original Streets Of Rage games.

The Conclusion – Whether you’re a casual gamer or an older gamer like I am, video games have always been a huge part of our lives in some way, shape, or form. We can never ever deny the impact that video games have had on us for many since our childhood days.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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