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Top 5 Things That I Loved About The 1990s.

( To me, the 1990s had it’s ups like my getting my first ever A-B Honor Roll in 5th Grade and it’s lows like my near death experience when I nearly drowned to death during a field trip in pre-school.

But the 1990s were also the peak years for black sitcoms like A Different World & In Living Color, but you also had amazing Saturday Morning cartoon shows from The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles to X-Men. And then you had record labels such as Death Row & No Limit dominating The Billboard Rap music charts in the 1990s. The 1990s was mostly a very memorable decade in my life.

Here are top 5 things that I loved about The 1990s.

The OG Power Rangers – My favorite thing that I absolutely loved about The 1990s was watching The OG Power Rangers on Saturday Mornings when I was a kid because prior to that, my life was in emotional and personal turmoil with me nearly drowning to death at a swimming pool during a school field trip, my 2nd auntie OD’ing, to my two oldest brothers going to The Pen. But when I watched the pilot episode of The OG Power Rangers on August 28, 1993, it became a turning point in my life because seeing The OG 6 Power Rangers on screen especially The OG Black Power Ranger in Zach Taylor (who was my favorite OG Power Ranger) actually gave me a newfound purpose in life as this show truly saved my life.

Master P & The Old No Limit Records – As someone who was in their early teens in the late 1990s, Master P & The Old No Limit Records were a musical juggernaut that not only dominated the Billboard Rap Music Charts throughout the years of 1997-1999, but they were so popular in the mainstream that they were featured in a “Country vs Rap Music” WCW storyline against The West Texas Rednecks in the summer of 1999 to me that’s better than these garbage PG Disney storylines for the current male wrestlers on the WWE main roster today. I remember my first time hearing Master P & The Old No Limit Records music when some of my older brothers riding around my old neighborhood and playing “We’re No Limit Soldiers, I Thought I Told You”. I remember an old classmate of mine coming to school one day wearing a “No Limit Records” shirt saying “I’m a No Limit Soldier” and I never forgot it either. 

American Wrestling – Prior to me becoming a wrestling fan in the late 1990s, I was a young boy that was heavy into video games, playing baseball with my younger siblings in front of my old home, and The OG Power Rangers who I was a huge fan of at the time. I remember one hot July night at the young age 12, I was basically flipping through channels with the remote control and found nothing that interested me until I stopped on Channel 51 which was TNT at the time and I remember watching this one particular wrestling match on Nitro and the first thought that went through my head was “What is this?” and as I was watching this match, I noticed that the crowd was absolutely electric that night and I was absolutely hooked on this match and after watching the match, I absolutely fell in love with wrestling. Note: Those crowds in the late 1990s are so much better than the crowds today. 

The Arcades – One of the main things that I loved about the 1990s was playing at the arcades at Mr. Joe’s Pool Room where after school, I would often ask my grandmother for some money so that I can go and play at the arcades. I remember being a young video game genius at the time because I was so good in lasting longer than many other arcade players that used to frequent the pool room. My favorite arcade games that I loved playing so much from those days were Aliens, Cobra Command, & X-Men. Even though I have never got to beat Cobra Command, but I did get to beat the Aliens & X-Men arcade games many years later. Even though I was never a good pool player like my older brothers were, but I was a genius when it came to playing the arcade machines at Mr. Joe’s Pool Room. 

Sonic The Hedgehog – As much as I played Mario for The NES, but Sonic was my #1 favorite video game I enjoyed playing the most throughout the mid to late 1990s because whenever I played a Sonic game on The Sega Genesis whether it was The 1st Sonic Game or Sonic 3D, I had an absolute blast playing these games. My favorite Sonic games that I actually played came from the 1990s in Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles and I did beat both of those games on The Sega Genesis home console. I have been a longtime fan of Sonic The Hedgehog since I first played the game on the old Sega Genesis 6-Pak Cartridge that I absolutely hated to blow constantly just to get the game to actually work on The Sega Genesis so that I can enjoy the fun and thrills playing Sonic. 

The Conclusion – We all have those trips down nostalgia lane that’s full of good and bad memories, but we can always cherish the good memories during The Good Ole Days especially in the 1990s.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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