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5 Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Game.

( When Marvel’s Spider-Man dropped in 2018, it changed storytelling in comic book games. From a gameplay standpoint, it was an open-world game with acrobatics—it’s the same formula from the Spider-Man 2 game as well as the Prototype and inFamous series. However, Insomniac Games really put their back into the storyline, DLC, and world-building for a sequel here. It makes me wonder “What other comic book heroes should get their own games?”

There are superheroes and teams who will get their own games. If a film drops, you can bet an official game of the movie will be not too far behind. Here are five comic book series, superheroes, and teams who should get their own game—or at least another shot.

Taskmaster (Marvel)

As I’ve mentioned before, Taskmaster is one of my favorite comic book characters and is in my top five for Marvel. A mercenary, assassin, spy, and trainer, Taskmaster has peak-level athleticism as well as mastery in unarmed and armed combat. The guy also has high intellect and photographic reflexes. That means he can remember an opponent’s moves in combat and basically copy their hole style.

Taskmaster is a formidable opponent for many in the Marvel Universe. That’s what I love about this character: he’s powerful without being overly powerful or powerful to the point that he’s a DEFCON-1 threat at all times. That isn’t to say that S.H.I.E.L.D won’t put everything in high alert if he shows up.

His skillset makes him a danger to heroes up and down the ranks. Plus, if a hero just runs into random Taskmaster, it’s a given he’s working for someone else, with someone else, or there’s a larger plot brewing. The man causes that much strife depending on what services are needed from him.

He had limited series in 2002 and 2011 but has mainly been used in a support role or picking up “Villain of the Issue” honors. His main major role was as head instructor in the Avengers: The Initiative arc.

Taskmaster would make for an awesome main character in an action-oriented game. As a matter of fact, if he was in a title that was basically Alpha Protocol or Uncharted with superhumans and super spies, the series could work as a video game.

The Dakotaverse (DC/Milestone)

We’ve discussed Blood Syndicate here on Afro Gamers before. It’s my favorite series of Milestone Comics’ Dakotaverse. However, you don’t want to sleep on the rest of the Dakotaverse. The Big Bang is the origin point for most of the characters in Milestone Comics.

This was a situation where several of Dakota City gangs met up for a brawl to determine which gang would run the city. A police task force crashes the fight and uses an experimental gas to subdue everyone. Many are killed but the gas does end up creating several heroes and villains such as Static and members of Blood Syndicate.

An open-world game where your created character survives the Big Bang would rock! Dakota City is just any other major city as it as its blighted parts and affluent neighborhoods. An adventure either uncovering corruption in the city, battling villains, or aiding others in a world where a character’s environment plays a huge role in their alignment is intriguing to me.

The Gamer (Webtoon)

Of the series featured on this list, The Gamer is the easiest one to assign a genre. This is a JRPG, obviously. I’ll go on to say that it should probably be a turn-based game but hey, an action JRPG for The Gamer works as well. I mean, Han Jee-Han already has a group that he rolls with. They’re your main characters and party. Dust this one off and let’s move on to…

Spawn (Image)

Now, Spawn has had video games in the past. The main character has been featured in fight games on consoles from this generation and the last. I’ve always felt that Spawn never got the video game treatment he deserves considering what he is able to do thanks to his powers, his skills, and his costume. A linear beat ‘em up action game or something similar to Spider-Man would work for Al Simmons.

The real head-scratcher here would be where to start with this game. Would the studio have to start all the way from him becoming a hellspawn or does it just drop you into Rat Alley? I mean, it could just start from when Al Simmons is killed and what he left behind. Those are his driving reasons to take Malebogia’s offer.

I guess the real question is how long would the opening have to be before you move on to tutorials and then the freedom to play.

Solo Leveling (KakaoPage)

Fifth verse, same as the first. Solo Leveling leans heavily on MMORPG mechanics to explain the game world and our hero’s powers but I can see this series working as an action game. Whether it’s linear or open-world is up in the air. I just know that the art style and graphics would have to be top notch. Of the South Korean and Chinese webtoons out now, Solo Leveling has always had the dopest art work.

Going back to the actual meat of a game—gameplay and story—the world of Solo Leveling allows for the flexibility to either tell Sung Jin-Woo’s story again or allow players to create their own hunter. I prefer the second option but either would work for this series.

Staff Writer; M. Swift

This talented writer is also a podcast host, and comic book fan who loves all things old school. One may also find him on Twitter at; metalswift.

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