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Idle Champions: Idle RPGs Now D&D Flavored.

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( Have you ever just wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons on your smartphone or tablet? It’s possible but it can be a bit involved. To be more specific, have you ever wanted to play Neverwinter Nights or Baldur’s Gate on mobile? Again, it’s possible, all of those games are in both major app store. Then again, those games are actually easier to play on PC.

So, is there any way you can enjoy D&D on your phone or tablet? Is there any way to get something D&D-adjacent? Yes! That is, if you enjoy or don’t mind idle RPGs. I’ve got to say; idle RPGs are up there with mobile strategy games and tap titles for me. I loathe them with a passion and some have the nerve to charge for extra stuff! Can you believe it?

Idle Champions: DnD Super Lite with a Side of Lazy

That’s for another article, though. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is probably the closest you’re going to get without paying $10 and getting Neverwinter Nights or Baldur’s Gate. Being a 2D RPG, it has good artwork that fits the vibe of playing a campaign and features some well-written campaigns to go through but it’s incredibly hands off.

The game plays like the old school Sonic games after you hit a loop, meaning it plays itself. However, unlike O.G Sonic, you have a little less control over what’s going on. Your main involvement is in leveling up your characters so that they can move through a campaign of 25 waves easier, picking the path they’ll take class-wise, and collecting chests.

Oh yeah, you’ll also select the campaign and unlock heroes. That’s about it. I wish I could say I’m disappointed in the game but it’s actually somewhat fun. Plus, “idle” is right there in the title, so you know what you’re getting here. It’s not like you’re going to dive in thinking you’re controlling all the characters only to get a liar’s game.

Changing My Mind on Idle Games?

That said, it’s a lazy gamer’s game. You can play for a bit, put it down—actually, you can close it out and turn off your phone—and it’s still going. When you return, you’ll have a cart load of gold to spend leveling up your characters or unlocking new ones.

You can clear hundreds of millions in a few hours without doing anything. Initially, it bothered me because I played a few idle games and was turned off by them. There’s something about Idle Champions that sees me opening the game to play for a couple of minutes throughout the day. This is exactly how idle games are supposed to work but most aren’t that involved story-wise.

Often times, you’ll get a sliver of story to draw you in and then you’re left to do some very light management of things before either closing it out or tapping non-stop. I’m not here for endless tapping without anything else but I also don’t really want to stare at my phone while the game plays on auto.

So, did Idle Champions change my mind on idle games? Not really. I will say I’ve been entertaining some idle RPGs—particularly Idle Heroes—to see if I’ve been too harsh on them. Idle Champions got those games to that point. We’ll find out in a few weeks if I’m still on the “idle RPGs are trash” hill or if I’ll be recommending them to you.

As for this game, I can’t say you’ll have a blast with it. I’m amused by it at the moment but it’s pretty much in the middle. It could be so much fun if you had to actually play the game but it falls very short for me.

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