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Twin Mirror: All your burning questions, answered.

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( Twin Mirror is Dontnod Entertainment’s new episodic adventure game releasing in 2019 for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Players control an investigative journalist Sam who is back in his town for the funeral of his best friend Nick Waldron who was killed in a car accident. After returning to Basswood, West Virginia, Sam uncovers some unexpected truths that might completely change his own perceptions about himself and people around him. We answer your burning questions about this psychological thriller game.


Who’s Sam and who’s “the Double”?

The main character of the story is Sam Higgs. He is a journalist who left his hometown Basswood years ago. Soon after the death of his best friend Nick, Sam is now back in the town and this journey brings back a lot of painful memories and feelings to him. In the Twin Mirror trailer, Sam is shown finding his bloodstained shirt when he wakes up in the morning. From here, the story begins.

Interestingly, Sam can exchange dialogues with his inner voice which is also shown in the game as the Double. His inner voice creates a mind world for Sam which is different from the real world. Sam listens to his inner voice but he also has the choice to follow or disagree. The Double cannot be trusted all the time because his advice may help Sam or it can also harm the investigation.

Being an investigative journalist, Sam realizes that something’s not right in Basswood and people want his help. There’s always a state of conflict in Sam’s mind because his inner voice keeps telling him things and at the same time, the memories of his past and people with whom he spent time, keep pushing him to investigate and find the truth.

Who’s Nick Waldron and who’s Joan?

The reason why Sam returns to Basswood is his best friend Nick Waldron, the father of a little girl Joan. The scene in which Sam first saw blood on his shirt takes place soon after Nick’s funeral. Joan is Sams’s goddaughter and she spent a lot of time with Sam while growing up. Her childhood wasn’t as good as some people thought. She is angry with her mom, Sam and with everyone who gives her excuses for not being with her.

Is Anna Sam’s friend or more?

Another interesting character in the story is Anna. She works as a freelance journalist and had a romantic relationship with Sam years back when he was in Basswood. Sam cut off contacts with her when he moved out and now when he is back, their relationship in Twin Mirror is very complicated as Anna couldn’t figure out the reasons behind Sam’s behaviour and due to some of his mistakes, Anna is shown having mixed feelings about their relationship.

What’s the story of Twin Mirror?

The gameplay details we have shared above pretty much describe the nature of the story the Twin Mirror will feature, but in the latest blog post on the game’s official website page, publisher Bandai Namco has shared some more information about the story. After some unknown events in Basswood, the town’s prosperity has declined and the authorities are trying to bring the life in the town back to its normal state. The Mayor has organized a meeting to discuss ideas about bringing investment into the area.

After returning to Basswood and finding his shirt covered in blood, Sam will recall his memories to find the clues hidden in Basswood. His choices, memories, and relationships will determine his fate. Releasing in 2019, Twin Mirror will take you on dark adventures where you will play as Sam to draw lines between the mind space and the real world. Remember, the choices you will make in the game will affect the way people treat you and your decisions will also determine the path you’ll follow in the story.

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