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Hyper Heroes: Breathing Life into Mobile RPGs.

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(AfroGamers.comHyper Heroes is a mobile RPG on Android and iOS. Yes, there are plenty of those on mobile and many can be bad—which is weird since it’s hard to mess up a straightforward RPG. Sometimes, they have a great concept then mangle that concept with bad or boring mechanics and a barrage of ads. Let’s not forget the grinding involved.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Mobile Games

Then you have Hyper Heroes. This game has just enough story to keep you involved. When I say that I mean it starts off like a lot of mobile games in general—especially those strategy ones. It lets you know what you’re doing here, what the ongoing conflict is about, then it takes you through a tutorial.

In the case of Hyper Heroes, the tutorial isn’t long, luckily. Often times, you end up with a tutorial that never seems to end which explains a game that isn’t really that unique in execution. I mean seriously, there’s tons of similar strategy games where you have to establish farmland, establish an armory, train troops, join an alliance of some sort, and upgrade buildings.

Then you have to wait after the honeymoon period. You know, when the game lets you upgrade and build stuff with no wait time. After a certain level or when your immunity wears off then you have to wait a little longer then much longer for upgrades and training.

This is in addition to sponsor ads and the surprise pop-up ad for the game’s own stuff which—let’s admit, we’ve all accidentally tapped on trying to move things along. The mobile strategy game approach has even become a part of some match-3 RPGs!

As you can see, I harbor no love for mobile strategy games. Period.

Hyper Heroes: A Fun Yet Simple Twist on RPGs

However, this isn’t about those games this is about Hyper Heroes. Sure, there are the pop-up game ads for this bundle or that five-star character but its tolerable in that it gives some fun but simple gameplay. The main thing here is—as the developer, HyperJoy states—the “marble-like” combat mechanic. It’s so simple in execution that you can play with one hand.

See, you build a team of heroes with all the stats and upgradable skills and gear and combat is done by dragging back on the screen, aiming, and releasing. The tutorial was seriously that short once it went through the different types of heroes such as bumpers who ricochet off walls and piercers who go through allies and enemies but damages your enemies.

Once that is explained, the game explains the different sites you can go to on the main screen. They’re unlocked once you reach a certain level and allow for you to play different game types, join a guild, get daily and weekly free loot, purchase stuff with in-game and real currency and so on.

Hyper Heroes doesn’t require you to actually buy anything. On a scale of “the game plays itself” to “Clipse-level Grindin”, the game sits somewhere in the middle. While you can get just about everything in the game just by playing it regularly, you’re going to grind some.

The game tries to keep you from sinking hours into it in a sitting by having the energy meter but eventually you’ll level up in that sitting and that meter will fill back up. It starts to slow a bit by the time you reach the late level-20 or early level-30 and the pace will be as intended.

Oddly enough, it’s been around for over a year now and while I’ve seen it around, I’m just now downloading it. The closest game to this is The Muscle Hustle, a marble-style wrestling game. It’s fun but even more grindy to find equipment so you can promote your wrestlers.

Definitely check out Hyper Heroes if you haven’t already. It’s not a heavily involved game but it’s far from a “nice little time-waster.”

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