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Some Very Interesting New Details about Resident Evil 2 Remake Revealed.

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(AfroGamers.com) Resident Evil 2 was a worthy sequel that clearly offered what was missing in the first game while refreshing the special concepts of the original game. Needless to say that the remake of Resident Evil 2 is a visual treat to all those gamers who have waited for more than a decade. Recently, the developer Capcom revealed some interesting details about the game including the Trophy list. In this article, you’ll learn more about the gameplay, the changes Capcom has made in the remake, and everything the company has revealed so far.

Resident Evil 2 Trophy List

There will be a total of 42 trophies in Resident Evil 2 remake and these trophies also include the hidden ones which players will earn after completing certain levels in the game. These trophies will be unlocked after completing in-game events such as opening a portable safe or killing 3 enemies at once using a sub-weapon. So completing these types of tasks will earn you trophies in Resident Evil 2.

The Claire/Leon Campaigns

Another interesting fact about the upcoming Resident Evil remake is that it won’t go too far from the roots of the original game. For the modern setting, there will be some changes in the environment, locations, and missions, but the core elements will remain the same. If you’ve played the original Resident Evil 2, you probably started the campaign either as Claire or Leon. The Zapping System was in place so you could start as any of these characters and soon after completing the campaign, you play as the other character and become a part of a different storyline.

In the remake, the Zapping System is nonexistent. Technically, the original game offered four different scenarios to play, but now, you get only two scenarios in the remake. You can still choose your character when you begin, but this time, it will be a different experience.

New Features in the Resident Evil 2 remake

The camera system has been changed for the new game. According to the producer Tsuyoshi Kanda, creating scary zombies was a challenging part for the team as zombies have been shown in many ways in the mainstream media. The fixed-camera angles could have taken the thrill away from the gameplay. The team finally decided to keep the over-the-shoulder third-person point of view which is similar to what we have seen in the series’ Resident Evil 4 game.

As stated, many locations in the game are recognizable, but for some areas, new changes have been implemented. To make the environment scary, the design team behind the game has added a darker environment to conceal enemies. If you have watched the Resident Evil 2 trailer video, you have probably noticed that Claire and Leon use a flashlight to explore the darker areas.

The old techniques of taking cover or hiding behind objects may not help as zombies will continue to keep chasing you no matter how far you run away from them. The sound effects are terrifying and sometimes, you may end up being trapped because when the footsteps get louder, you feel the adrenaline pumping up and forcing you to make quick decisions.

The Difference

Capcom doesn’t call it a remake which you can notice in the game’s title which is Resident Evil 2. Despite being a remake of the original Resident Evil 2, the upcoming game feels different in many ways. The game will undoubtedly feel like a perfect horror survival shooter to the new players, but it will also give a fresh feel to the old ones. There are some new puzzles, an ammo tool, and weapon upgrades which you will find in the game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Release Date

The Resident Evil 2 remake will be released on January 25, 2019, for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Capcom hasn’t completely ruled out the Nintendo Switch release, but we are still waiting for the official statement about the same.

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