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Games The PlayStation Classic Should Have.

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( Earlier this week, Sony announced that it would be releasing the PlayStation Classic. This mini-console is similar to Nintendo’s NES Classic and SNES Classic or that Mega Drive-Genesis mini-console that you see in Family Dollar for $50. The difference from that last one is that Sony is running with a $100 price tag and we’re getting twenty games–presumably all classics.

I mean, you don’t charge $100 for twenty games and including anything less than nineteen titles out of the “Greatest Hits” vault, right? Right. So far, the only game known is one of the original PlayStation’s crown jewels Final Fantasy VII. The game that cemented SquareSoft’s a name in North America and pushed Japanese RPGs into a new golden age.

I want to say it’s genius that this game was announced first but if you’re Sony, you kind of have to announce Final Fantasy VII first. Sure, they could’ve announced Tomb Raider or Tekken first but Final Fantasy is really where its at. I know you wouldn’t announce Gran Turismo as the ace game off the bat.

So let’s get into the first half of the twenty games that I’d love on PS Classic!  The asterix means the game was a Greatest Hits title.

20. Gran Turismo 2*

I’m not the biggest fan of racing games, but Gran Turismo 2 was a strong title–for PlayStation racing. Now, it was no Cruisin’ USA, Daytona USA, or Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit or was it as fun as Diddy Kong Racing or Twisted Metal but it held its own as a racing game.

19. Dino Crisis*

I really hate putting Dino Crisis this low on the list but guess what’s higher up? The zombie version of this series, Resident Evil. That aside, Dino Crisis was an extremely fun game that actually interested me more than Resident Evil.

18. NFL Blitz 2000*

I don’t usually play sports games but when I do, it’s always for the “Be A Player” mode and sometimes the “Franchise” mode. With NFL Blitz and Blitz 2000, I enjoyed the game just for the exhibition and vs. gameplay. Like NBA Jam TE, NFL Blitz 2000 rocked.

17. Jet Moto*

My original reason for putting Jet Moto on the list would be the same for putting 1080 Snowboarding on a list or Twisted Metal 3: “Because Jet Moto rocks.” When it comes to racing games, it’s the ones outside of the usual awesome car racing through the streets title that stand out to me.

16. Wild ARMS

This was a good Japanese RPG that didn’t offer anything different from the more popular titles such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, or Suikoden. Personally, I think it just suffered from coming out well after those first two titles and being the less popular contemporary of the third.

15. MDK

Like Wild ARMS, MDK would be one of those unexpected games in the PS Classic. It would also be one of the more unique ones. While originally a PC title, it was definitely a PSOne game 100-percent.

14. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3*

If there was a game that defined the original PlayStation and the 1990s it was Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The third installment in the series was a favorite of mine out of the original four games. It doesn’t hold a candle to Tony Hawk’s Underground (T.H.U.G), but for some reason I found it much more fun in two player mode than the first two.

13. WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role*

The best wrestling game on PSOne, this title allowed you to do quite a bit outside of the actual wrestling part. Create your own superstar, walk around the arena, talk to and fight other superstars outside of an actual match, fight on the stage. It was great for the PlayStation!

12. Tomba

No Crash? Where’s Syphon Filter? Tomb Raider, even! Anyway, Tomba was probably my favorite platformer on PSOne. I always wished that it could’ve continued as a series like some others did but there was a period in time when platforming action games just fell off on PlayStation consoles. That said, Tomba was a ton of fun and had a challenge to go along with great visuals.

11. Grand Theft Auto 2*

I fought the urge to put GTA: London 1969 on this list since I preferred that to the original Grand Theft Auto. That said, GTA 2 was better than both and like our thirteenth entry, it would be a fun game with lots to do for the PS Classic.

Check out part two for the top ten that I’d like on PS Classic.

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