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Meet Code Geass Lost Stories: Japanese Anime Franchise’s New Social Game.

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( After a series of leaks and teasers, Code Geass Lost Stories game is finally official. The new social game titled Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories has got its title theme. Game publisher DMM Games also revealed the character designs. Lost Stories game will be available on mobile and PC platforms. At the Tokyo Game Show 2018, the game producer confirmed that Code Geass Lost Stories will be available on iOS, Android, and browsers.

One of the most surprising things about this announcement was the game’s title theme. The music is composed by Flow, a popular Japanese rock band. The theme song titled “Pendulum” will be the main theme of Code Geass Lost Stories. The band itself appeared on stage and performed the song for fans.

The game director Matsuoka Keisuke revealed the game’s character design. Producer Minamata Kazuya, voice actress Ami Koshimizu and Yukana Nogami showed some artwork. The character designs for both male and female characters look promising. We also got to see some designs for C.C., the fictional character created by Sunrise studio. If you don’t know, her real name is still a secret and the franchise has never revealed the same.

You may have seen models dressed as C.C., especially the famous cosplay artist Yaya Han. This time, the franchise is bringing completely new outfits for the character. The outfits for C.C. shown at the Tokyo Game Show were completely different than what she wore in the anime series.

In the anime series, we have seen C.C. wearing the bondage suit and there’s a story behind her wearing such outfits. The beautiful girl doesn’t think she is a free soul. In anime, C.C. was also featured wearing Lelouch’s Zero outfits as she was serving as a decoy.

At the event, we also got to see new designs for the humanoid war machines known as Knightmare Frame. These war machines will appear with a shield on their back. Their height is an advantage for them and this time, they look more aggressive. The color combinations shown in designs look eye-catching.

Code Geass Lost Stories is a social game and it will run on iOS, Android and browsers. DMM Games has successfully launched this type of games in the past. The publisher is also trying its hand in console gaming. They released Gal Metal on Nintendo Switch this year. For Code Geass Lost Stories on Switch, the company didn’t say anything. The game will most likely stay on browsers and mobile platforms only.

Code Geass is one of the best animes you will ever see. From the first episode of the season 1, the story keeps you hooked and the season 2 is even better. One of the strong points for the franchise is its beautiful animation. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories looks impressive. Its artwork is enough to make you desire for more.

Code Geass first started in 2006 in Japan as an anime series and later it was adopted in the manga. The TV series was also aired in English as Bandai Entertainment licensed parts of the series. Code Geass has received many awards for both the seasons and it was also adapted into video games. The Japanese version of the video game Tales of Graces F features some Code Geass characters.

DMM has not revealed anything about the game’s release date. While you wait for more details, check the music and trailer released by the publisher.

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