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My Favorite RPG Games.

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( I’ve always been a fan of RPG games especially JRPG games aka Japanese RPG games since playing my very first RPG game in Dragon Warrior known as Dragon Quest in Japan during my early childhood years.

RPG games have always been one of my favorite genres of video games because of the interesting characters, good storylines, some humor, amazing battle mechanics, and nice side quest missions just in case you wanted to take a break from the main story missions.

Here are my top 5 favorite RPG games.

1. Crono Trigger – This SNES game is actually one of my favorite JRPG (Japanese RPG) games because the graphics, gameplay, and storyline for the game were very spectacular. This game was revolutionary in the sense of its multiple endings, plot related side quests, amazingly unique battle system, and heavy emphasis on character development. I actually enjoyed playing this game because it brought something different to JRPGs at the time which was definitely a breath of fresh air from the old turn based system that many JRPGs had prior to Crono Trigger being released. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite JRPG games and my favorite RPG game overall. 

2. Dragon Quest IV (NES)- I remember often playing Dragon Quest IV very heavily during my early childhood years  because this was the very first RPG game that introduced the storyline in 5 chapters which had a very diverse group of characters like  Ragnar in Chapter 1, Alena in Chapter 2, Torneko in Chapter 3, the dark skinned dancers Meena & Maya In Chapter 4, and The Zenithian Hero in Chapter 5. This game had several new features that I greatly enjoyed like the day/night cycles, the ability to travel via flying vehicle and an airship. There are also three level of keys that you have to find throughout your travels to different areas, caves, and towns in the game called Thief, Magic, and Ultimate known outside of Japan as Final Key. My favorite chapter in this game was Chapter 4 because I got to enjoy seeing two twin female characters that in Meena and Maya that had beautiful dark skin and were amazingly talented dancers, so I had so much fun playing through that particular chapter of the game.

3. Final Fantasy V SNES (Japan) – Of all the Final Fantasy games that I’ve personally played over the years whether it’s through a console or an emulator on the computer, Final Fantasy V is my personal favorite RPG game for numerous reasons: 1) The player can navigate from a vertical perspective. 2) The player can also traverse the world by either on foot, by Chocobo, hydra-guided airship, or a wind drake depending on which situation the player is in. 3) The overworld being very traversable which connects to various towns, dungeons, and also other places of interest. 4) The customization of characters in terms of changing their jobs from White Mage that can chant healing and attack/defense buff spells in the white magician robe to Blue Mage that have that the ability to learn the special attacks of monsters as well as being the very first utility job that provides both offensive and defensive capabilities.

4. LaGrange Point NES (Japan) – When I first played this game on my mobile phone last year, I actually like the quality of the game especially in terms of the amazing music and sound effects of the game. This RPG is your typical navigate from a horizontal perspective which had an interesting storyline and backstory to the main characters of the game. This was technically the second RPG game to feature a dark skinned main character while Dragon Quest IV is the first to actually do so. My favorite character from this game was the dark skinned female character named Kris because she had some unique abilities and cool techniques that other main characters in the game couldn’t do.

5. Alvastia Chronicles (Mobile) – Alvastia Chronicles is a mobile JRPG game that I enjoyed playing recently because there were interesting characters with my favorite character being Raine because she’s a very outgoing adventurous person who often likes to flirt with the other main character named Alan. This mobile JRPG game was very good because you can learn new skills or spells by leveling up in most JRPG games as well as doing side quests to stock up on healing items or money just in case you are low on items. I greatly appreciated the 8-bit NES feel that the game definitely had in terms of music, character design and gameplay .

6. World of Warcraft – This is technically an MMORPG since it is played online with other people. It is one of the most popular MMORPG games right now, especially with the release of the Classic version. It’s a really addictive game and requires a lot of grinding to reach higher levels and get better equipment. However, you can easily buy WoW rating boost to kickstart your PvP experience and career! That way you can save time while still getting to use better loot and abilities.

The Conclusion – JRPGs to me are the best RPGs because of how well the character designs are plus good battling systems and interesting characters and storylines that make  many JRPGs so good.

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