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10 Single-player Games That Have Not Aged Well.

( Some games can be played at any time, but some games don’t age well. Here are the 10 single-player games that have not aged well and if you go back to them, you will regret playing them again.

  1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

GTA: Vice City features a single player mode and many of us have spent hundreds of hours in this game. Unlocking the cities, changing apparels, and driving The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company truck were some of the most exciting things to do in GTA: Vice City. There were limited missions and side quests and now when we have GTA: San Andreas, GTA: IV and GTA: V, going back to this game is no more fun. You will hardly play it for an hour or two.

  1. Mortal Kombat (1992)

Mortal Kombat was heavily criticized by game reviewers for the violence it featured. It was the time when game rating scenario was completely changed and censorship debates were on the rise. If you play Mortal Kombat game today, you will not feel the excitement. It’s not because the game was poorly designed, but there’s literally nothing exciting to do. The only thing that made it popular was the violence, and the gameplay was later overshadowed by similar titles from popular franchises like Street Fighter.

  1. Silent Hill

The first Silent Hill game is really hard to ignore but today it’s not the game you can get immersed in. It was fun to play in the old days and it used to be fun. The artwork and other gameplay elements are good but that’s not enough to get you scared. If you play the second game, Silent Hill 2, it still looks relevant in the horror game space. Sadly, the same can’t be said about the first game and that’s why it deserves a position on our list of the single-player games that have not aged well.

  1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

In the whole TES series, Oblivion was probably the worst game if we compare all the content we have received till now. It was decent to play when it arrived. There were several quests that were interesting to go on, but the combat elements made it look bad. Just like many other single-player games, the graphics of TES IV: Oblivion haven’t aged well because other games that came during this time were far better than what Oblivion offered.

  1. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is one of the single-player games that showed us how games can be designed without a male protagonist. The game features simple controls but today if you try to play this game again, you will feel exhausted after seeing how awful the controls are. From the graphics point of view, this game is not something you’d want to play again. If you don’t have the game, just have a look at some screenshots. You will see that even the game’s protagonist doesn’t look like a normal human being.

  1. Metroid

If you still think that Metroid is a classic game, you’re insulting the games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. Metroid can’t even stand strong against several other single-player games that are fun to play even now. Other than the game’s graphics, there are many things like gameplay controls and lack of map that made it age prematurely.

  1. Donkey Kong 64

The game is dull, boring, and repetitive. It’s one of the games that you play when you have nothing else to do or you don’t have a good game to spend time on. DK 64 is massive and there’s no doubt about its good design. The biggest problem is that you have to do the same thing for infinite times or go through the same maps just to make sure that a mission is complete. It feels the same no matter if you’re playing the single-player mode or multiplayer mode.

  1. Metal Gear

People call it classic but it is not, and the series, in its true sense, was started producing quality content after this game’s release. Metal Gear didn’t do justice with anything be it the gameplay, design, graphics or controls. It was not even translated properly and it forced players to spend time on learning things. The puzzles and open areas were there in abundance and sadly, most of these elements were useless.

  1. Resident Evil

The original Resident Evil is dated and can’t be considered a fun game if you pay attention to the dialogues. What made the series great is the remake and that’s when the series earned the title of a true survival horror game. Some of the games released after the original RE were still bad in terms of design and gameplay, but they are still tolerable if you don’t expect too much.

  1. Mass Effect

The original Mass Effect game is just pure dumb if you play it today. In fact, its successor ME 2 is not only still playable, Mass Effect 2 shows how well it has aged. You can still spend many hours on ME 2 as it was a huge leap forward in terms of combat elements and graphics. After playing the two games, you will realize how much effort the developers had put in because the first game lacks so many good features.

Staff Writer; Jay Baker

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