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My Favorite Super Nintendo Games.

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( When I was a kid growing up, I greatly remember playing NES and Genesis, but I would often play SNES games on the computer through an emulator while I was in middle school because there was no SNES at my old house.

Here are my top 5 favorite Super Nintendo games.

1. Super Mario World – The first time I remember playing this game, I immediately fell in love with this game because there were so many beautifully designed stages to play in as well as more challenging stages with more tougher enemies to defeat. Then there was the secret Star World in which you had to get five keys that were hidden in certain stages to unlock all the paths to the secret stages in Star World. For the first time in a Mario game, you can get a weapon like the flying leaf or the fire flower and store it in the weapon box on top of the stage screen and then press a button to use it if you’re back down to little Mario which I personally thought was a very cool concept. This game will always be one of my top 5 favorite Mario games.

2. Contra III: The Alien Wars – This Contra game that was exclusive to The Super Nintendo was actually the toughest SNES game that I’ve ever played because of the fact that all the stages in the game were extremely tough and the bosses in this game were so badass. They had the standard weapons like the powered up straight shot to the 3-way shot, the brand new heat seeking missile shot, to my favorite weapon in the Contra series in the laser. The graphics and gameplay were very amazing which stayed true to its run-n-gun roots. This game had at least two variations of the ending because if you wanted to see the full ending of this game, you had to beat the game on the Expert difficulty.

3. Crono Trigger – This SNES game is actually one of my favorite JRPG (Japanese RPG) games because the graphics, gameplay, and storyline for the game were very spectacular. This game was revolutionary in the sense of its multiple endings, plot related side quests, amazingly unique battle system, and heavy emphasis on character development. I actually enjoyed playing this game because it brought something different to JRPGs at the time which was definitely a breath of fresh air from the old turn based system that many JRPGs had prior to Crono Trigger being released. Definitely one of my top 5 favorite JRPG games.

4. The Ninja Warriors – This classic beat-em-up game that was exclusive to The SNES is one of my favorite SNES games because it brought something different to the table that was different from some of the other beat-em-up games at the time. The three playable main characters in this game were male, female, and cyborg that all had different abilities, unique sets of moves including jumps, dashes, throws, and other attacks. My favorite character to play with in the game was the blue cyborg ninja where his special attack was when he jumped a few inches causing massive damage to all enemies around him which was absolutely sick to see.

5. Killer Instinct – This exclusive fighting game for SNES is one of my favorite SNES games because the gameplay reminds me heavily of Mortal Kombat where you would keep pushing buttons to do nearly unstoppable combos, but the main difference between Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct is that unlike Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct had a feature called combo breaker where it allowed you to break out of devastating combos that could possibly get you beat and I absolutely loved that feature. My favorite character from this game was TJ Combo (whose character design was also based on Mike Tyson) because he had some of the most sickest combos that I’ve ever seen of any character in this game.

The Conclusion – Although The Super Nintendo will always be one of my top 5 favorite video game consoles, many of the games for The SNES will always be timeless classics that lives on through The SNES Classic Console that’s out in retail stores right now.

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