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Several Differences Between The Dragon Ball Anime And Manga.

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( Dragon Ball is one of the longest and most successful franchises in the history of Japanese anime/manga. But as with all Japanese anime also brings differences between the anime and manga.

Here are several differences between the Dragon Ball anime and the manga.

1. Anime – In Dragon Ball Super, to counter the threat posed by Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black and Zamasu during the peak of The Future Trunks Arc, Future Trunks powers up into a variation of the Super Saiyan 2 called exclusively to the anime “Super Saiyan Rage” that actually helped him surpassed Goku and his father Vegeta for a brief period.

Manga – Future Trunks is depicted in the later portions of “The Future Trunks Arc” as mostly being a sideline character with no Super Saiyan Rage transformation while his father Vegeta and Goku try their hardest to fight off one of the most dangerous foes in the multiverse in Merged Zamasu. 

2. Anime – In The Tournament Of Power In Dragon Ball Super, Caulifla and Kale fused at the last minute when Super Saiyan Red Goku was about to eliminate them from the tournament arena with a Kamehameha and thus creating the extremely powerful fusion called Kefla as she first appeared in her base form surprising Super Saiyan Red Goku.

Manga – Recently in the manga version of The Tournament Of Power, Kale in her Berserker state was not only eliminating opponents from other universes, but was also eliminating her own teammates. Cabba is portayed in the manga version as much weaker than he was in the anime and unlike the anime, Kale never gets any sort of control over her destructive Berserker power, but before Cabba gets eliminated from the tournament arena, he somehow manages to get the Potara earring onto Kale while Caulifla had put on hers and together, they fused into Kefla who first appears as a Super Saiyan unlike the anime.

3. Anime – In Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta returned to Earth after a three year absence and saved Goku by kicking Android 19 off of him and immediately transforming to Super Saiyan for technically the second time creating a massive crater which absolutely shocks The Z-Fighters. He then goes on to explain his motivations for wanting to achieve the legendary transformation of The Super Saiyan and my favorite scene in the episode is when after the mother meteor hit Vegeta and then out of nowhere, he powered up to Super Saiyan for the first time destroying the mother meteor in the process.

Manga – When Vegeta returned and saved Goku from Android 19 who was stealing his energy life force from him, he immediately powered up to Super Saiyan and his motivation for wanting to become Super Saiyan was never actually explored too much in the manga unlike the anime.

4. Anime – In The Dragon Ball Z TV Special “The History Of Trunks” the major antagonists that Future Trunks was fighting off against were Future Androids 17 & 18.

Manga – In the manga version of “The History Of Trunks” the original antagonists were Future Androids 19 & 20 until they were retconned to Future Androids 17 & 18.

5. Anime – In The Universe 6 and Future Trunks Arcs Of Dragon Ball Super, Super Saiyan Blue had become so over saturated to the point of Super Saiyan Red being buried in both arcs.

Manga – In the manga version of The Universe 6 and Future Trunks Arcs, Super Saiyan Red was used more frequently in those arcs that gave the form more showcase than it ever was in the anime.

The Conclusion – The lesson to be learned is that everything isn’t always as it seems because there will always be differences between the anime and the manga.

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